Zyn’s Tattered and Torn Journal

In alchemy as in all things there are principles, a starting point to say the least. While most who pratice are more interested the chemical side of Alchemy, or in the transformation of lead into gold. I find myself pondering other uses, wanting more…. Yet there is no clue to these practices or even if they exist. So I must refresh myself on the basic forms, starting with the principles. Doing so should strengthen the foundation of my future experiments.
Alchemic Table.jpg
The principles, metal in the phyical side, and countless herbs in the chemical, are a base. With the right base, and knowlege almost anything can be made. Salt, Sulfur, and liquefied Mithril aka Mercury are the most commonly used bases in the chemical view. The surface dwellers have a tendency to also use the alignment of the sun and stars, however this is of no consequence to Drow. In the physical view there are seven metals that commonly used as bases. Lead, Tin, Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, and Mithril. The elements are used in symbol and normally written into formulas of the physical nature to set the make-up of certain Transmutes. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Energy.
Alchemy Circle.jpg

My theory is that by taking the physical and adding the chemical mixed with magic, set in an Alchemist Circle, can create a new from of Alchemy. These thoughts are ever lingering in my mind. Soon I shall gather the materials needed for testing. Al-tho there is one item that shall require the assistance of a particular type of magic user. A soul fragment…

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