UO Features

UO Free Server is the ultimate in free to play when it comes to UO free server’s! We pride ourselves on the server quality and its uniqueness! We are totally sure that you will truly enjoy your UO gaming experience here! You may be wondering how it is that we can make a statement like that? It is because we ourselves play on the server and we thoroughly enjoy it! Below is a short list of some of the features that you will find on UO Free Server!

UO Free Server Features

– UO Stygian Abyss Expansions
– Our own custom maps
– Our own custom client interface
– Thousands of new in game equipment items
– Thousands of new high quality & unique artwork images
– Lots of rare items
– Lots of new artifacts
– Crafting recipe system, custom
– New custom hair & beards
– Our own custom title system
– Many new places to explore for you to explore
– A big balanced world
– Custom house system & build your own house
– Completely custom socket system
– New Custom Race & Class System
– Our own customized harvesting & crafting system
– Lots & lots of custom monsters
– Many new customized quests
– Crafting recipe system, custom
– The list goes on and on, truly to many to list here!

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