Greetings traveler, and welcome to UO Free Server!

Ultima Online Free Server is a place filled with adventure, excitement, and friendships! You and your friends will explore new worlds, slay hideous monsters, and find new loot! UO Free Server is by far the greatest free to play UO server out there! You will find an active, growing, and friendly community of players! You will find a unique custom world with custom maps, artwork, and game interface! And you will find thousand of new items and loot! We are confident that you will truly enjoy this free to play Ultima Online server as much as we do!

UO Free Server is a growing and changing world for everyone! Everyone in welcome to join us here at UO Free Server! We do not cater to any particular game play style but instead fully welcome all players! We are constantly working on adding new content and making the world a truly enjoyable place to be! All you have to do is login and well see what we are talking about!

What do I need to do to get started?
You will find that it does not take much to start playing here at UO Free Server! Begin by going to the Download page and simply follow the instructions listed there. It will only take a few minuets to get yourself up and running and you’ll soon find yourself immersed in one of the best games of all time! Get started now!

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