You have lost alot of Karma

So Dor was born in Narrowhaven to Larisa of Jhelom (an NPC) and Dor’s dead Dad. Narrowhaven is a great place to grow up and Dor spent his youth hunting scorpions and falling into the river or bay alot. Under one of the piers lived an alligator which frightened Dor the first time he saw it.

Dor’s father had some spellbooks but not being trained his dad was never to actually cast any spells successfully. Dor growing up with those books, and there being mages and necromancers with shops in Narrowhaven, is a much more competent spell-caster than his father was.

Dor wants to be Karmicly positive, but I soon found out that many of the spells cause a great big Karmic hit. (what’s a good way to keep Karma up?).

As soon as Dor was a grown man (when he was finally strong enough to use an axe) he set out towards Britain in search of the magical knowledge he needed to complete some great task he has in mind. Professionally there are alot of paths open for Dor, right now he just needs money for reagents, and a few hours of rat-catching provides enough for that.

I might go to Occllo after Britain, there’s a necro shop in town, and I’ve always liked the look of it. Is it my imagination, or is the Abby decaying away? I mean, I like the look. I love creepy Occllo and since it’s a ghost town now that Narrowhaven is the start area I can call occllo a ghost town, and a comfortable place for Dor to continue his great project.

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