Yet another Quest

Merrick sat at his desk for a bit thinking of the recent developments. The Viod, the Vampires, The madman claiming to be king of everything, and now Engal has but again, lost his mind and babbles more than ever. His thought keep pondering Engals latest babbles, for even though he thinks of the man as a "crazy uncle" he knows even when crazy Engal is always spitting out clues and truths. Now he seems to be rambling on about the virtus and keeps repeating the mantra’s and power words to the shrines. Merrick having taken the quest of the virtues long ago, understands the importance of the virues and is a bit angered at himself for relaxing on his devotion to them. With all that has happened recently he has decided to pick up on a quest he started years ago..before he was even a Duke let alone a King. So, now on top of dealing with the running of a Kingdom, dealing with the vampires, and dealing with the dilusional deamon named Quinn, Merrick has decided tpo pick up the search for many paladin and virtue artifacts, relics, and armor. He has already aquired three pieces of the Virtue Armor, five more to be found… and only one of the Paladin Armor..also five more pieces to it.. there are several relics and artifacs that hold power and knowledge of the paladin ways and the ways of the virtues. "it is time to start gathering them once again" he mumbles to himself. He thumbs through some old dusty scrolls and writings he has gathered over the years. So much to do… but yet he actually cracks a bit of a smile. If there is one thing that brings joy to his life ,,,his mind and his being, its obtaining knowledge of the virtues and of the Paladins. It does this because he is able to take this knowledge and use it to aid those who need aiding..protect those who need protecting, and simply walking this world being the best paladin he can be. "it is time to enlighten the people of these lands about following the virtues …a path of light and goodness." He knows that by doing this it will in turn help deal with the void issues by repelling the darkness back into the void and keeping it there. it will in turn drive the evil and dark beings deep inton there lairs keeping them from harming innocent people…for that what fpollowing the virtues and path of light does…it battles evil and darkness. these beast and creatures have walked this land to long unchecked and it is time to remind them that the power of the virtues can humble and instil fear in the boldest and strongest of the evil and dark forces… no matter what they do or think.
Merrick lets out a short sigh and even though he is excited to return to his old quest… he knows this task he starts..especially the swaying of the people to the virtues will be a never ending and life long ordeal… and it will challange him everyday… but it is a challange he gladly accepts.
Clearing his thoughts a bit he turns to some parchment and paper and pens a notice he will have several copies made and posted about the lands. Even though he has just decided to yet begin this old quest anew… he still must run his kingdom.
The notice reads:
To all that read this
Mythndale is in search for all and any crafter looking to expand there business and sell there wears. To all those who gather resources and need buyers.. bring yourselves to Mythndale and you will be enlightened on how these things hold a great future for you you here. All those of goodness and follow the ways that are not in anyway attached to those of the dark arts and powers are welcome. Please seek myself, Merrick Godfrey, out and you will be informed on the oppertunities which are presenting themselves here.

"there, short and simple" he thinks, but then he feels he should ad a bit something else…

I Merrick Godfrey, King of Mythndale, give this warning… To those who travel here to Mythndale with evil in there hearts and there minds thinking to plunder any good soul here will be dealt with swiftly and justly. Your kind are not welcome here and will not be tolerated, plain and simple. With this said, if those of darkness travel here and are discovered, just remember … these are consequences to your actions, brought upon you by your own doing. You have been warned.

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