[WIP] Story of an Island Far Away: Beginning

OOC info: This is series of stories which will be later put in connection with story of my character Evalynn von Danielssen. Please feel free to comment, if you like your character can also have part in the series and you can use the lore I am writing in here with taking my consent or with speaking to me via private message.

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The Island of Hjärden


Lore of Land and People


In the middle of freezing ocean, far away from charters that is made by people who lives in so called place "the Main Land", there was strong and traditional people of Hjärden, living in a large volcanic island, who were battling against harsh conditions of island and strict standards of the society.

Life was hard because of many elements, most strongest among them was cold weather during Ninth Winters but people of Hjärden was living rich and beautiful life when this hard life of theirs compared to lives of other people in known world.

Island was filled with tough forests, swamps and grasslands with rich soil. It was habbitated by almost 600 people. There were two major cities and many villages who were concentrated on fishing or farming. Do not let the word "major" trick you, since most of the population were spending their time in country side, far away from land of well- planned structures.

Just like any other country or soverieng, the politics of Hjärden was always taking a place in daily life. It was actually in a certain limit where the seperation of political views were effecting casual life of Freemen deeply. And also since the land was being ruled with Constitutional Monarchy, where the Monarch is more than a symbolic figure and almost center of three statues of the sovereing, there were big distinction between views of people.

But people of Hjärden was united and strong, no matter different views they had. When there was trouble, they always unite together and create an ace against the source of problem.

People of Hjärden were tall and thanks to the hard weather of the land the body shape of the folk was fit than any human being in Known World. Because of the limited genetic pool, there was no presence of dark colors within people of Hjärden, only colors that coul be found was blonde, red and orange for hair while blue and green, and even sometimes violet in special conditions.

Folklore and traditions was taking a great place within men of Hjärden. There were alot of different beliefs like variety of their religions, gods and goddess, totems and hexed symbols. But most important were, the place of Wolf-Riders and the people with Violet eyes, who were accepted as noble blood within society.

Hjärden men were calling Wolf-Riders as "Hunthgradenl" which is direct translation to "the One that can handle the Wolf", these men were believed as great warriors and had great respect among people, specially from people in country side since according to belief of countrymen, Huntgradenl are always scouting around their farms and houses, to protect them against people of shadow the Rotthakeridaan.

Note: I have blended my folk-lore with this story and put some ideas inside while taking the server lore in consideration Since I believe that it may be hard to understand the story I wanted to add a section where I clarify some words. Main-Land is where the story of Server is going on, existence is known by Hjärdenngers but nobody knows where Hjärden is. Rotthakeridaan are basically Drows with more bruteish shape, they are not intelligent like their cousins in Main-Land since they are really primitive, it is result of overhelming power of Hjärdenngers, they usually live in the complex cave system below the island, which have been created thanks to the volcanic activity. Other than critters of forests and swamps, fight between Rotthakeridaan and Hjärdennger is in really high peak. Some hate them while other believes that they do what they have to do to survive.

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