Whispering Serpents

((continuation of , . This storyline will soon and hopefully turn into a quest where everyone will be welcome to take part. :shock: ))

Whispering Serpents


As days went by I slowly started to feel it. It whispered in my ears, making slowly its way to my thoughts, ingraining itself deeply within me. I tried to battle with the urge to let myself fall into that wild mind, as I didn’t want to allow myself to reach my true form. My fears where that I would lost the self that I knew, being stepped away to a corner to give place to a beastly mind. I didn’t know if I would be able to control myself, like I saw some of my brothers becoming thirsty blood beasts. Could I ever embrace my form knowing this? For me, it was more a curse than anything else. I knew that I could not escape it, as every Nyx one day will turn into this beast, but maybe I could avoid it, at least for some more time…

For my own protection I decided to reveal this little inconvenient detail to the Mistress and bargain my part of belonging to the family. "Protect and control mi if it ever happenssss." Would they understand the danger of having me close? I could only be a child in the patterns of my race for now, but with time the serpent will call me more and more, growing in every way, stronger, powerful and deadlier. The tales of giant sea monsters are real I told them.

My hopes of controlling myself a bit longer soon vanished, when in that day I smelled the blood of someone that I particularly didn’t like. The serpent started to whisper in my ears, louder and louder until I could not hear my own thoughts.

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