Wedding of Silasae and Engale

(On the 4th invite only the two got married and heres a exert from the it.. mostly vows and such becouse there just too pretty to not share)

a priest: *nods to them both, and smiles.*

Constance: rtow an acurate small rock on Jorge to wake him up

Silasae Laflyth: *turns to the holy man*

Jorge Ironarm: *looks at the rock bouncing off his armor then stares t the thrower for a minute*

Constance: *do a grin to the man*

Jorge Ironarm: *then goes back to watching*

Engale Strace: *places his hand in sil’s hand.*

a priest: Good people of Nerrowhaven, we bring together today two people who have found their way through

Lancelynn Vendala: *looks at thronna a minute and frowns, then goes bck to watching smiling*

a priest: a most terrible storm.

a priest: Our world is in termoil, and yet these two have found themselves here today;

a priest: love reaches though the hands of the Natural Gods, and we honor that today.

a priest: Love shall bind them against that destruction, and against all.

Silasae Laflyth: *does her best to not figit or anything else silly as she listens*

a priest: They shall take a vow that stands with eternity, beyond this world, the next, and all in between.

Engale Strace: *smiles and holds her hand a bit tighter.*

Engale Strace: beyond

a priest: Now, I understand you have prepared your own vows to one another?

Silasae Laflyth: *nods*

Silasae Laflyth: y.. yes

Engale Strace: *nods softly.*

Engale Strace: We have.

a priest: The groom may recite his vows.

Engale Strace: *shakes his head*

Engale Strace: We take our vows together.

Lancelynn Vendala: *steals a quick glance at thronna and says some things under his breath*
Silasae Laflyth: *nods*

Engale Strace: *turns towards sil softly*

a priest: *nods and smiles again.*

Silasae Laflyth: *turns to engale*
Engale Strace: *nods to her*

Engale Strace: Beyond
Engale Strace: *smiles*

Silasae Laflyth: *takes a deep breath and smiles at him, her voice when she spoke held nothing childish in it*

Silasae Laflyth: In Our Darkest Hour

Engale Strace: *his voice happy and soft as he speaks his words.*

Kairi Vel: *frowns*

Engale Strace: In Our Deepest Despair

Silasae Laflyth: In Our Trials

Engale Strace: And Our Tribulations

Silasae Laflyth: Through Our Doubts

Engale Strace: And Our Frustrations

Leoben Jalas: *whisper* They are so cute

Silasae Laflyth: In our Violence

Engale Strace: In Our Turbulence

Silasae Laflyth: Through our Fear

Engale Strace: And Our Confessions

Silasae Laflyth: In Our Anguish And Our Pain

Engale Strace: Through Our Joy And Our Sorrow

Silasae Laflyth: In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow

Constance: *seem to have an emotion*

Constance: *a tear peak out an eye*

Silasae Laflyth: *sniffles as with him she speaks the final lines*

Engale Strace: *nods softly to her*

Silasae Laflyth: I’ll Never Let You Part For You’re Always In My Heart

Engale Strace: I’ll Never Let You Part For You’re Always In My Heart

Isidora O’Hearn: *stares at them in awe*

Silasae Laflyth: *then much softer*

Lancelynn Vendala: *watches and bows his head hoping no one notices his eyes*

Silasae Laflyth: Always, beyond and forever

Engale Strace: *smiles*

Silasae Laflyth: *sniffles tears in her eyes*

Constance: *try to reach leoben hand*

Engale Strace: Always, beyond and forever.

Isidora O’Hearn: *raises her palms to gentle cover her mouth, as she’s been jawdropping*

Engale Strace: One moment before we continue. my love…
Silasae Laflyth: *a soft nod*

Jorge Ironarm: *looks into the distance*

Leoben Jalas: i hate this wind, i think i got sand in my eye

Engale Strace: Sister, brother, Constance, Leoben…

Engale Strace: *smiles happy to them all*

Isidora O’Hearn: *looks at them*

Constance: *cries*

Lancelynn Vendala: *looks up and smiles*

Thronna Strace: *smiles up at her brother*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *purrs softly something close to real ‘human’ smile on her lips*

Leoben Jalas: *smile*

Engale Strace: While uncomfortable as this is

Jorge Ironarm: *smiles*

Engale Strace: *pulls at the collar on his neck*

Thronna Strace: *giggles softly*

Constance: *her tears wet all her fancy dress*

Engale Strace: I can not wait to hear how you love the other.

Lancelynn Vendala: *smirks wiping the tears from his eyes*

Engale Strace: I think I finally understand what this is about now brother, thank you.

Lancelynn Vendala: *smiles and nods*

Engale Strace: *wipes his eyes a bit and turns to sil.*

Engale Strace: If they love eachother half as much as we are in love…

Engale Strace: Time will stop before love is gone from this relm.

Silasae Laflyth: *nods forcefully*

Silasae Laflyth: Yes the Realms will fade before Love does

Engale Strace: *nods to her*

a priest: Engale, as you place the ring on Silasae’s finger, please repeat after me:

Engale Strace: *turns his head toward bleu*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *pads up pulling from a pocket two rings and holds them out to him*

Engale Strace: *holds a hand out towards bleu as she settels takeing the rings, handing sil one…*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *the ribbion they were tied together with was a bit. chewed on it seemed*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *hastily beats a retreat out of line of sight*

Engale Strace: *before grasping the other in his hand*

Silasae Laflyth: *takes the ring trying to not giggle*

a priest: With this ring, I marry you and bind my life to yours.

Engale Strace: With this ring, I marry you and bind my life to yours.

a priest: It is a symbol of all that we will endure, and all of our love.

Constance: *cries*

Engale Strace: It is a symbol of all that we will endure, and all of our love.

a priest: My everlasting dedication.

Engale Strace: My everlasting dedication.

a priest: and a promise of all of my tomorrows.

Engale Strace: and a promise of all my tomorrows.

Engale Strace: *slides the ring onto her finger.*

Silasae Laflyth: *sniffle*

Lancelynn Vendala: *smiles*

Silasae Laflyth: *is trying to not cry…bearly making it*

Constance: *snif*

a priest: Silasae, as you place the ring on Engale’s finger, please repeat after me:

Engale Strace: *smiles his blind eyes showing more emotion than his lips.*

a priest: With this ring, I marry you and bind my life to yours.

Silasae Laflyth: With this Ring, I marry you and bind my life to yours.

a priest: It is a symbol of all that we will endure, and all of our love.

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: with everyone focased on the couple slowly inches forward twords Engale..

Silasae Laflyth: It is a symbol of all that was will endure, and all of our love.

a priest: My everlasting dedication.

Silasae Laflyth: My Everlasting dedication.

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *stops and shifts positions*

a priest: and a promise of all of my tomorrows.

Constance: *try to calm herself and looks around*

Silasae Laflyth: and a promise of all of my Tomorrows.

Constance: *suddenly nervous*

Lancelynn Vendala: *smiles at sil*

Silasae Laflyth: *slips the ring onto his finger*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *blinks slowly, eyes half lidded the runes on her body just bearly glowing as did the small gems*
Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *studding her dog collar*
Constance: *looks curious at rashara*

a priest: Two now one, against the destruction that stands before all: veru, together for eternity.

Thronna Strace: *smiles and wipes a tear from her eye*

a priest: I now pronounce you husband and wife.

a priest: You may kiss eachother.

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *eyes only on engale as natures magic gathered to her runes.*

Lancelynn Vendala: *smiles and wipes the tears from his eyes*
Silasae Laflyth: *breks into a silly grin*

Lancelynn Vendala: [spea tiefling

Engale Strace: *holds her around the small of her back, and the back of her neck.*

Engale Strace: *gives a silly gring of his own, before dipping her into a lovely kiss*

Leoben Jalas: *applauds*

Silasae Laflyth: *hands rest on his hips and kisses him back*
Constance: *applauds*

Lancelynn Vendala: *applauds*

Lancelynn Vendala: Inignis Develio

Thronna Strace: *applauds*

Isidora O’Hearn: *applauds*

Thronna Strace: *looks over at lance and nods*

Kairi Vel: *applauds*

Jorge Ironarm: *applauds*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *with that distraction steps forward a single glide tostand just to teh side of engale.*

Silasae Laflyth: *doesent come up for breath.. yet seems to have forgotten everyone*

Engale Strace: *keeps his lips pressed with sil’s also seeming to have forgoten the company.*

Lancelynn Vendala: *sneaks over and sits on the ground by thronna*

Constance: *crys*

Constance: *cries*

Thronna Strace: *looks over to lance and smiles softly*

Kairi Vel: they do their honeymoon up there too?

Leoben Jalas: Oh my love come in my arms

Constance: *rush to leoben harms*

Silasae Laflyth: …

Kairi Vel: *scrunches her nose at the cluster of couples*

Silasae Laflyth: *slowly trys to pull back as voices penitrate*

Leoben Jalas: *take constance in his arms*

Jorge Ironarm: *sighs and looks away*

Engale Strace: *leans up softly*

Engale Strace: Oh right….

Constance: *prostrate herself inside leoben arms and wet his tunic*

Engale Strace: *blushes and stands sil back up.*

a priest: *coughs, a little louder than is acceptable.*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *reaches out a sngle finger and just touches engales shirt as teh runes light up as did the gems.*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *eyes swing to sil*

Lancelynn Vendala: *reaches up and holds thronna’s hand*

Constance: *get up and dry her face*

Constance: *trying to arange her hair not to be a complete mess so soon*

Thronna Strace: *holds lances hand and smiles softly to him then looks back up to brother and sissy*

a priest: May you both walk in the grace of the Natural Gods, and stand against the storm.

Silasae Laflyth: *smiles at engale and turns that smile to teh priest*

Silasae Laflyth: Thank you

Engale Strace: *nods softly*

Kairi Vel: *frowns again*

Engale Strace: *eyes close for a moment.*

Engale Strace: *opens his eyes and smiles.*

Constance: *puts a hand on her stomac and seem quite hungry*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *finger drops then her form shifts*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *the grey mouse scurryed up engales clothing to his shulder*

Constance: *looks at the rat and smile*

Silasae Laflyth: *blinks*

Silasae Laflyth: *looks over and sighs softly*

Engale Strace: *makes no move and lets the rat sit on his shoulder.*

Engale Strace: *tilts his head*

Engale Strace: um… are we done?

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *settles there blinking slowly*

a priest: *chuckles and nods.*

a priest: Yes. We are done.

Silasae Laflyth: Thank you again!

Engale Strace: *nods*

Engale Strace: Thank you.

Engale Strace: Then i guess it’s time to move them all..

Silasae Laflyth: *giggles*

Constance: *frown at the tought*

Silasae Laflyth: Reception!

Engale Strace: *laughs*

Silasae Laflyth: Food and Drinks

Engale Strace: Sissy

Silasae Laflyth: Please everyone we have food and Drinks weaiting for you all at the Cafe

Silasae Laflyth: *nods to sissy*

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