He couldn’t precisely place his finger on what had changed, though several small things seemed different since he’d awoken. The superficial changes were there, sure and hard to ignore he suspected for any who had known him before today.. But since almost none had, it was no great loss really.

What was more interesting was all the subtle way things had changed since he had woken, and the word that stuck in his mind, over and over again was ‘Crisper’.

Colours seemed sharper.. more pronounced, sounds subtly clearer.. everything seemed.. more, somehow. But even more than that.. It was the way his mind seemed to flow so much easier from subject to subject..

He would never have said he was.. dumb, precisely. But that was the point, he would never have realized that he had always been well.. Dull. Not, dull as in a dullard, or someone who was of no use, he was dull in the simple way a bar of iron was dull. It simply lacked the luster of brighter things. But now, now it was as if everything around him was bright, polished to a mirror finish, but it wasn’t that the world had changed.. But that he had.

What once had reflected back the dullness of his own mind, now reflected back the subtle light given off by whatever had changed..

It was not just that, it was also.. a sense of sureness. He should be terrified by what had happened, horrified even. Wasn’t that the rational response? Certainly it was how he would have responded before.. and though he would never have said he was a coward per say.. on some level he’d always know that he was.. unsure. Unsure of so many things. Himself, his place in the world, the future, his choices.. When he had gone to help the first man to fall ill, and set this all in motion.. it hadn’t been courage that had driven him. No even as he had gone to his aide, he was frightened. It had been compassion.

Compassion, and in the end, wasn’t that what had caused this change? Both his own, and what had been shown to Him.

Regardless, Things were different and for today, that would be enough.


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