He stood staring at the Academy doors the words of Delia still ringing through his head.

"You tend the Academy, Vuradin, and take care of Sasha. She’s most important, now."

She sacrificed for us, for everyone he thought his head nodding slowly to himself the courage of her actions must never be forgotten.
During his many years spent below he had seen many gruesome deaths, from battle fields to the poison of assassins causing there victims to blister till there death.
True courage was a rare commodity it was even rarer to be found within his previous race.

The tapping of his staff echoed as it knocked against the wooden bridge he removed his Wizards hat as he passed under the portcullis dusting it off. Where to begin he thought he must summon the instructor staff and pass the word to them of Delia’s sacrifice. she was a true hero to all, a selfless act to save humanity. "My work here will honor her " his words came out slowly as if choking on them. He quickly gathered himself as his eyes met the scribes sitting at the front desk. " Send word to all the instructors they are to contact me once they receive this message I am the Head Master of the Academy now. I will be in Mistress Delia’s room" the scribe quickly wrote down his words Vuradin turning toward the stairs sharply.

He sat in her chair the weight of the Academy now rested on his shoulders as well as many other things. Sasha, his fathers return, and the nearing death of Neria. His priority had always been Sasha would he be able to manage all of this?

"Sasha my Olath Ssin" he caressed the ring that bound them together he was concerned for her well being. He knew that when she became the conduit his death may come he was prepared for that. Life is finite in the underdark drow learn that at a young age but Sasha was so young so inexperienced in such matters. So many unanswered questions remained plaguing his mind with what could happen. He knew that he could not control what could happen. So rather than focus his energy on the matter he focused on providing loving support to Sasha attempting to strengthen her if he should fall. Delia’s words played again in his mind. The rest of his problems would have to wait Sasha needed him at her side.

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