Visions of the Crusade

After a long day of fruitless toil at his shop, Forge retired to his makeshift bedding under the fort. Most of his nights were restless due to the crumbling sales and barren mines that the country was suffering from. With no customers to buy his wares, and no enemies to challenge the Blackfoot Company, it was just a matter of time before the business would grind to a halt. That day, it seems, has come. Finally, Forge drifted off into a deep sleep.

He opened his eyes to find himself on the edge of a great cliff. High above the clouds, Forge could see the world stretching out in all directions. Beside him, a being of pure light stood, gazing off into the sky. Forge squinted and held his hands up to try to make out the figure’s features, but the light was blinding. Come, Forge Kade, I have much to show you.

The figure pointed to the distance, where Forge could make out the shape on the Lone Islands with Narrowhaven at it’s center. But Narrowhaven looked different. It was young, the buildings were new and the wildlife was vibrant. From the sky, one seed tumbled to the ground and sprouted.

A twig, then a leaf, then branches began to grow, and Narrowhaven grew with it. The tree towered high above the city, and the city grew out around it, as if feeding off of eachother. Arms of the tree spanned the islands, and lights burned brightly in castles and shops throughout the land. But just when the land seemed to be at it’s strongest, the islands began to grow dark.

Lights in homes and shops dimmed, and the faded into darkness. The wildlife wilted and died, and the forest turned to desert. With no nutrients to sustain it, the great tree began wilting. Branches crashed to the ground, destroying chuncks of the kingdom. And then, time froze and a layer of dust covered the tree and the kingdoms of the world.

This is the past. Now see the future.

From the very top of the tree, one seed burst forth, traveling along a beam of light into the sky. The beam then plummeted down into the distance, in the middle of a small island. Light poured out into the surrounding kingdoms and they were purged of evil and darkness. Their lands flourshed, population grew, and the light brought peace to this world.

Go now, Forge Kade. Leave your worldly kingdom, your posessions, and be cleansed of the corruption of this place. You will go forth proclaiming My Justice, My Judgement, My Purity and Peace. For I am your Maker, and you will be my sword.

When Forge woke up, he knew what he had to do. He and Doc paid their final dues to the rest of the company, and packed away anything that would be dangerous to the few remaining citizens of Narrowhaven. Then they set out, carrying nothing but basic clothing and a book of hymns. The Maker’s light would guide them to their next destination.

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