Uncle Clerist!

*A small note is written and hung on the outside of her tent with crayon*

"Uncle Clerist! I’ve gone to blow stuffs up!" *KABLEWWIE* she would whisper out loud to herself as she wrote.
"I’ll be back in no time at all! you can find me in the Destard Caverns OR OR OR in the icy one!" She paused for a moment and looked it over.. she couldn’t decide if it needed something. Oh well, she would figure it out when she returned.

Looking through the mirror, somewhere dark an old witch was casting devious and dark spells; Which seemed to attract some rather unscrupulous characters. It wasn’t long before she had something corporal again. It wasn’t much. A small hamlet of decaying flesh and bone but she had been through worse and she would go through hell again to find what she was looking for.

Back through the mirror the young girl had almost reached the bottom of Destard when she felt a pain in her stomach. It was a sharp unbearable pain and in the midst of level two of Destard she collapsed. Now the unconscious girl lay there resting as monsters began to surround her.

*next time on uncle clerist!*
There is a shoe sale at the luxloft mall and Arrianna is totally dishing over the new boy. Will their love ever be true? Stay tuned for more exciting adventures of UNCLE CLERIST!

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