Umbral Jaunt

Guarding the bawn was always such a bore. I mean anything that tries to invade the caern is to stupid and weak to matter, or so big i wind up getting sent away before any of the fun happens. Like was so much easier 2 years ago…..

I was just a college student living the dorm life, and enjoying my studies. Veterinary sciences…ironic right. I always had an affinity for the wilderness. I used to spend hours hiking in the forest behind our house, and playing hide and go seek. Man those were good times, anyway. Classes were going good, and i was making the most off that free ride my dads native american heritage got me. I had a smoking girlfriend, a crapton of money from financial aid, and a bomb car. I mean what else could anyone ask for. But then came the change.

It was a night not unlike any other of those days. We had a 30 pack, a lot of music, and a batch of condoms ready to go. Then Glenn showed up. See Glenn was my new girls ex, and he really didn’t like the ex part. He made it a habit to follow us around and tell her how horrible of a guy i was, and all this shit. It was kinda pathetic. But tonight i guess glenn grew some big ones. He threw the first punch, but mine was better. As he hit the floor he arose with a knife. I was freaking at this point cause well…OWWW. He lunged at me and i couldn’t get out of the way in time. The knife pierced my stomach and before i knew it the whole world was red. I awoke to pools of blood and body parts. My heart filled with rage, and my head with fog. So i ran. I ran, and i ran, and i ran till noone knew my face or name. To the old reservation my dad grew up at. It was there i found out what I am, and my purpose. You’re a werewolf boy. We kill the bad things. ….Kill the bad things he says. I am one of the bad things. It took me awhile to cope. see everyone does some crazy shit on their first change. Sits and spins the Wendigo ragabash killed his pop. Friggin brutal.

So i went about learning the ways of the wolf. They taught me to hunt, track, and kill. To honor Gaia and her gifts, and the beat the ever living shit out of the wyrm. This was my calling, and i loved it. The freedom, the power, the joy. But like everything good in life work had to ruin it. See as a cub you get to train and play and have fun, but once you gain rank its itme to work. So now i spend my nights in the stupid forest. writing in my journal, and all in all just being bored out of my mind. The way of the guardian. "most important job there is" yea friggin right.

What the….how could a moonbridge open here. Maybe i’ll have some fun after all.

To be continued…..

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