Tzurei – Keeper of Balance

Crystals and mushrooms and glowing bits of plant life cover the rock walls and ground. The sounds of chaotic ‘negotiations’ and ‘debates’ can be heard echoing from the nearby civilization.
But here, is nature. Here, is peace.
And here… is a man…

Sitting alone by the light of a campfire, in the ‘wilderness’ of a place known to the surface world as; "The Underdark". Tzurei had never been one for the ways of the ‘Drow’ (As he later learned his people were called). A fussy bunch, with a social structure that didn’t fit his plans for life. His life. The life given to him by -Nature- herself.
So he spent much of his time with the creatures that also inhabit the Underdark. Playing his music and practicing minor incantations. A true friend of nature and balance.

This was Tzurei’s way.

His people shunned him. Even attempted to kill him at times. Tzurei pressed on, stuck in his ways, never giving up his ideals for the old ways of his people. Tzurei dreamed of a new way, a way that the others did not believe in. One day while he enjoyed a freshly cooked cut of steak, Tzurei heard a sound…..

"It couldn’t be ogres, could it? They never come down this far into the caves…" Tzurei stood and began to glance around the area. Then all went black. An Ogre Lord stood over Tzurei’s motionless body, his blood splattered on the Ogre Lords large hand. A shadow stood some distance behind the Ogre Lord, presumably the driving force behind the Ogre’s relocation.
But all of this was lost to Tzurei… On the verge of death, he was taken from his home land, and to a new realm.
It took several days for him to awaken… and where he found himself was quite a surprise.

The Drow man had been deposited into an unfamiliar sewer system. If they had wanted him out of the way… why not kill him? He didn’t understand what was going on, and he didn’t know this new place he was in, so he began to explore. "I don’t understand how I got here… Where am I?" He thought to himself as he walked past countless sewer rats and slimes. He paid them little mind, and lulled any aggressive critters with his lute.

Soon he found a stairway. The stairway led directly out of the sewer system and into a large home.

"Who are you… and what are you doing in this house?" A voice said. Tzurei looked over to the doorway of the room that he had entered when he left the sewer. There stood a man by the name of Mauzen. "I… Am Tzurei. But I don’t know how I came to be here… I am not even sure where HERE is…" Perhaps feeling sorry for the recently relocated Drow, or perhaps feeling some kinship… Mauzen chose to help Tzurei.
He showed him the main locations in the town, and explained that Tzurei was now in a place called Narrowhaven, before leaving him to his thoughts.

"I need to find out how to get back home… and I need to find out what happened to me… How I got here… and who was responsible." Resting on a bench near the Narrowhaven bank, Tzurei thought for a long time about what to do next. He knew that a new chapter of his life had begun…. but what he didn’t know is where this chapter would lead him.

And so Tzurei’s story begins.

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