Hughe watched the demons from the battlements. This was a very dangerous place, but Hughe cared very little. Worse came to worst, he was ready to cast a spell to send him very far away from here. He had cast a spell that made him invisible, of sorts. It was not that he could not be seen, it was that eyes would not register what they were seeing.
Trinsic was a bustling city, but not with humans anymore. Any humans that may have remained in this part of the city were dead, or worse. It was their own fault, when demons start pouring into a city, you do not stand and fight. You flee. Too many did not flee, and rumor was that the High Paladin, Reldar Thobin, was dead.
Dead if lucky.
Hughe watched as a couple of lesser, smaller demons, fought over some scrap of meat, biting and clawing at one another. This garnered the attention of a larger creature. It was green and covered in garbage and things foul. It did not walk, but slithered like a large slug, one large mouth opening and closing as it did so. The smaller demons fought until it grew close, then dropped the meat and ran in opposite directions. The creature rolled over it, and it was gone.
Hughe looked toward a swirling mass of energy that belched into the sky, darkening the sun for a few moments. That would be where the seat of power was, but Hughe had not ventured that far as of yet. He made his way along the wall, his movement bringing him into view. Some of the creatures stopped and looked his way, but thought better of venturing too close. Even among them, they were leery of one another. One wrong step and they would no doubt be cast down into whatever bottomless hell they were brought from. This was, in all probability, like a vacation to some of them.
Hughe had to wonder how many had wandered off on their own.

Back in the room Hughe had been holding up in, he checked on the steed he bought for this journey. It was not much use to him now, as he would not be riding back from here, but he still felt responsible for it. He kept it inside, on the bottom floor of the residence, or whatever it served as at one time. It was a building attached to the south corner wall.
On the bottom floor of the building there was a large table with some games on it. It seemed someone at one time had enjoyed this place. There were bookcases filled with books that Hughe leafed through.
One of taming dragons by a fellow named Wyrd Beastmaster, though Hughe assumed it was his pen name. Another he found interesting, about a conversation between Lord British and Lord Blackthorne, though it was probably mere fiction, written by Sherry the Mouse.
"They left here suddenly," Hughe said low, looking about. Suddenly the people became real to him that lived here, and is hard stance of not caring began to dwindle under the weight of what occurred. These were men and women, children, families…..
Hughe frowned as he closed the book.

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