Travel Notes. On the Lone guts.

Lone Islands.

More precisely endless tangle of appendicitis, guts, or corridors. Immersed but the corridors connecting the direct appointment of something. Such is the structure of the relief on these islands. Only instead of walls – the sea or mountains. Movement on land is an infinite run around.
They are inhabited by small dense pieces of beings. Sometimes people.
Gate system, well known for British residents. Is here in the same condition killed. Most works in the one direction. From the Flyshitenberg to the center.

Is a gold mine for the sailors guild. The only difference is that the gates were working for all. And the sailors only for coins. Well, from a ghost money? Yes, you can buy abonnement. But sailors totally forgetful, and do not keep any accounting abonnement sold. Well you never know who they are then sold. Only the price of one ship. I hope there is an enterprising scribe who will warm hands on it.

Other villages. Apparently healers guild cursed this land.
Narrowhaven -everything is there, but there is far beyond the forest. –ěh yes, there is a doctor, 2 pieces in a house on all island. And here are the most central gate.
Doorns Crossing, I could not understand that what’s the crossed with what, an inn on the road nowhere. But there is a pier, and the gates at one end. At all strange. Way back free. The path here paid. As if the government encourages evacuation of these edges. And there are no doctors. At the gate, and then here on the boat.
Bernstead – it is the same damn town. Which filled the dead and other vermin. With a very small population of the city has a huge cemetery. Most of it in the underground catacombs. Variety to satisfy the most advanced of undertakers. But here again there is no doctor. More precisely, there is one travels. But how long will it be delayed in a haunted house – do not know. People do strange. Example smith has no anvil.
Principle. Or something like that. The only attraction – is the doctor.
Lhoton – it’s just asshole of the world. No doctors in the city and its surroundings. Just a bunch of fishermen who escaped from everyone. Carefully. The area is found a small and very poisonous snake. First you stomp on it, and only then to notice. But these creatures are stronger familiar snakes. On half kick hurt not work. There is a werewolf. There is a little deer. The rest of the territory – a lifeless wasteland. Oh yeah, everything is still possible to find a doctor, but the path is not close. These two are probably some cultists. They chose the farthest corner and stood on the opposite shore.

Travelers are strongly recommended, depending on the thickness of the purse: 1st heartstone; 2 runeBook with the finished scrolls and runes; 3 resurrects potion.
[///After the death easier to pretend that you are stuck. And wait until you drag over to the city. In other hand reduces on the mouse.

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