He felt as if he floated in some black water.. he could not make out the stars above but because of the darkness.. he knew it must be night..

Floating as he was he found it odd he could not move.. his mind struggled trying to put form to what had happened, how he had come to be here.. but he couldn’t quite recall it seemed to dance at the edge of his consciousness.. At once he felt very alone and so he called out into the darkness, his voice coming soft..


At first his voice simply echoed into the darkness but finally he was answered with the soft sound of laughter coming from the blackness..

‘That really was a great trick you know.. I sincerely didn’t see it coming.. ‘ came the answer, the voice comforting, sincere.. the sense of begruding respect seemed to seep through him..

For a long time there was only silence.. he floated in the blackness, enjoying the momentary peace between them, before deciding it couldn’t possibly last, and to press further..

‘So where are we.. did I.. Did I kill us?’

The laughter came from all around deep and rumbling before words echoed again..

‘No.. I’m afraid we are not so easy to kill as that.. But you certainly gave it your best shot.. ‘ the low chuckling picked up once more ending as the voice spoke again.. ‘You forced me to take control.. I’ve pushed -my- body through.. it should hold you together, for now..’

The long emptiness stretched on again until it was almost a tangible thing, the weight of it pressing him down further into the blackness he found himself linger in.. Finally when he could bear it not longer, his words broke the void once more..

‘Sallos.. is she Alright..?’

No laughter greeted this question only further silence and the slow growing malevolence of the other presence within the blackness with him, the slow burning hate that seemed to turn the still waters of his mind into molten boiling metal.. the heat of it seemed to sear at his flesh as finally the answer came echoing out to him from the blackness..

‘She does not conern you -Child- not any longer.. She was using you.. To get to -Me-.. but even that is done..’

The scene replayed as he demanded the price of her.. her Oath sworn.. in exchange for his own life…

‘Though I must thank you,’ came the other voice his tone mocking and filled with contempt, ‘I never could have done this.. Without you.’


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