To Build A Tavern

"Yes, I have run a tavern before," Luke told her, as she was striking the undead through the fence. The graveyard near Cove must have been the home of necromancers at some point, because the dead did not seem to like to stay dead.
Kairi Vel looked the rogue businessman over, and Luke was not sure if she was in doubt or not.
"You know once you put up a tavern, the competition sometimes can get nasty."
Luke shrugged a bit, not surprised that it could happen, but doubtful. It was not like Cove was prime real estate, not yet.
"If things get nasty, I have ways of dealing with it. I always have ways," he said, offering a handsome smile.
Kairi Vel smirked, pretending the smile had no effect, but Luke was sure it did. He was always sure.
"Do you have suppliers yet?" She questioned, knocking one of the skeletons to pieces.
"Chance LaRue does my shipping, and already has made some contacts. I will have supplies on hand, I just need the tavern built," Luke assured her.
"I may have to find other investors," Kairi Vel offered, then looked to Luke, to see if he was accepting of that.
"I just want to make something clear, so you understand," Luke began. "I dont care about the building, you guys can pitch in however you wish. I will own the business. I dont own any real estate, never had any intention of it."
Kairi Vel looked him over again, and Luke was not sure if she understood. It was one of the intriguing things about the lady, it was hard to tell exactly what she was thinking.
"We will talk in more detail when the time comes," she said.
Luke simply nodded.
"Do you know Lilliana," Luke asked, looking her over.
"I don’t think I do," she said, but did not question him further on it.

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