times of Change…

Merrick sits himself at his desk. So much to be done he thinks, so much to straighten out. It will get done he tells himself, just have to get a starting point. Arrangements where made to get Hailey and there gear moved to Mythndale. Arrangements will be made to get guards posted about Mythndale. "I have already got some crafters mining stone, ore and gathering wood for the building of walls about here" he states to himself out loud before leaning back and thinking again about the tasks at hand. As he sits pondering things he also starts thinking about this green dragon which seems to have decided to pay a visit to Narrowhaven and take some miners away… and these undead attacks as well. As he sits thinking about all the difficult tasks to be taken care of, his thoughts drift to Hailey. Beautiful Hailey, the lady warrior who has stolen his heart away. Thinking of her makes him smile and helps relax him. These tasks…. it matters not what they are, they will be addressed and dealt with, with Hailey by his side these seemingly hard task will be but mere little chores. Merrick smiles, even though things are seeming to get a bit crazy in these lands, a feeling and sense of calmness runs over him as once again he turns his thoughts back to the tasks at hand. " evil " he whispers to himself, " you better run and hide yourself, for I will hunt you relentlessly and rid these lands of you." "No matter how well you think you have hidden yourself" he pauses a moment " I will find you " …." I will find you."

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