Time Table

To give everyone an IDEA of how old things are.

Elves were the first race (beyond the gods) They existed centuries before man, nearly 100,000 years before mans creation. During that time many other races were born, for example: Drow, Dwarves, Hobbits, Monsters and whatever else you may have. In just a few generations we have the, what the elves refer to as, "The Great War". A civil war driving apart the elves and driving a sect below ground, thus becoming Drow.

Humans are a very very young race only about 2200 years old. In this time they have explored and conquered and claimed most of the world. In this time we have the dynasty of Lord British, The first dynasty of man. Currently humans are "Post British" roughly 21 years after his disappearance/death. Before that there was 130 of British rule over man. 1500 years of history of collected tomes of knowledge about the foundation of man and 500 years before that even for their birth.

So considering these factors the reader might see that the world is about 122,000 years old, this is not a total but an estimation. One might consider the world was a bit longer before the Elves but the Elves were pretty near the creation.

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