Thresh’s Journal (January entry)

*Thresh sits by a small fire looking out to the ocean. He picks up an old drenched book and shakes his head flipping through pages of stained with ink that has mostly been washed off. *

“time to start a new” he thinks to himself pulling a fresh new book, quill and ink well from his bag.

Everything seems so Familiar and yet so… the Strange to me…
What is this place? Who am I and where did I come from?
I remember some things like a but not many.. I remember I was sailor once. Maybe even a captian.

But that’s all gone now.

For now….
But some day. I will be a Champion.. I will be a Captian.. but more…
As I write in the pages it all seems to come back to me… and I Remember!
I remember my mother. She was a beautiful women from a small town. So strong and brave..
As for my father…

**Thresh looks up from his book and takes a swing of his Ale**

My father was an Alcoholic… Ba… No.. he was a daemon. In the most literal of instances.
But this leads me to a new goal, a new objective… My family before me. All of them were the root of evil. They returned to this earth as the Undead.

Just as my father did…. But no…

No one Knew, Knew the secrets that happened in that house…

It was a cold winter night I remember that much. My father was never home. Was never around. Until that night. I came home and there he was.

“WHERE IS MY MOTHER!” I screamed at him.

“SHE’S GONE!” he growled at me

I can’t remember if I walked…. But I know my dagger was in my hand…

I can’t remember if I ran but I can remember the blood on my hands…

I can’t remember if I flew… but I remembered it was him…

I remember that I fell… and came out of my fit of rage to see his blood on my hands..

Only it wasn’t his blood.. in fact it wasn’t even him…

MOTHER! I cried! As I held her in my arms close to my chest her golden hair dangled from my arms. As her crimson blood dripped from my between my fingers….

I knew then… I had to kill them all..

All the undead… they will die

That is my task… that is my future…

But now…..


Don’t leave me.

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