The Way of The Bard

Theo sat back in his chair before kicking off his boots and removing his signature duster. He headed for his room, to sleep, and left his journal open to its most recent entry so that the fresh ink would dry.

Being a bard in this realm is wondrous on any given day one might have to…

resolve misunderstandings
Theo Winemar_1-3_21.45.png
Theo Winemar_1-3_21.49.png
Theo Winemar_1-3_22.03.png
Meet interesting people
Theo Winemar_1-3_22.09.png
Listen to disgruntled locals
Theo Winemar_1-3_22.12.png
Rescue damsels in distress
Theo Winemar_1-3_22.15.png
Inquire about future patronage
Theo Winemar_1-3_22.20.png
and visit beautiful places
Theo Winemar_1-3_22.25-1.png

Aye, the life of a bard suits me just fine!

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