The Vels

Kairi sits back in an intricately carved wooden dining chair. She eases the front legs off the floor and leans back, the chair hitting the counter behind her for support. She throws her booted feet atop the dining table, also carved with scroll-like patterns throughout and varnished to mirror perfection. She reaches back and grabs a peach from the crystal bowl sitting on the countertop behind her. Taking a big, succulent bite, she closes her eyes enjoying the fruitful flavor of the years of genetic modification this peach had gone through, making it the best in the lands.

Ellora opens her thick gold leaf foyer door, allowing it to close softly behind her. She walks through the hallway and removes her elven robe, hanging it on her coat hanger that she made from a dead oak. She turns toward the kitchen and gets a whiff of peach as she proceeds forward. She knows she is about to encounter an unwelcome visitor. Ellora steps into the kitchen and spots Kairi, who is pleasantly taking advantage of a free snack.

"So the prodigal daughter returns." Ellora says, as she pulls a cooking pot from above the stove. "Nae saian luume’. Has mother seen you yet?"

Kairi stares at her sister and takes another mouthful. She knows not to answer this, as this visit has played out more than several times throughout the years.

"I do wish you would not tarnish my table with your muddy shoes. It is the result of hard work, and should be respected."

Kairi nibbles the residue remaining from around the peach pit, and places the pit down on the table. She then grabs another and chews that one apart.

Ellora turns, facing her sister. She sees a smug half-elfling with her muddy boots on the table devouring a peach like it was her last meal. "You do not have to be a pig! Show some respect for my adobe!"

Kairi’s foot shakes back and forth, and she leans back more comfortably, smiling as she presses her teeth into the peach. "I only give back what I get" she muffles, mouth full.

Ellora sighs heavily. She runs her fingers through her copper hair, something she does when she’s trying to keep her composure. "Mani uma lle want? Mankoi naa lle sinome??"

Kairi spits, "You know I can’t understand a damn word you’re saying!" *chews* "I need a favor."

"Lle lakwenien? What trouble lle in now? I told you that I would not be paying your fines any longer. Lle have bled me dry, sister, and I am unwilling to part with my coin again, only to have you back for more."

Kairi sits up, putting her feet back on the ground. "No! Actually, quite the opposite! *bites and continues as she chews* I just need help getting established *swallows* I found a town to settle into, and am taking up a profession in…"

Ellora cuts her off before Kairi is able to continue her rant. "Kairi! How many times have I heard this? By the earth I have no time for your lies. Stop humoring me and tell me lle had been caught with your hands in the, what do lle call it, cookie jar?!"

Kairi chuckles. "No, not this time, sis! I’m here to ask you, as one sister to another, to assist me in aquiring a home. That’s all."

Ellora’s brow furrows. She has been mislead by Kairi’s motives in the past, and still has a hard time deciphering her b.s. from the truth. So she presses some buttons…

"When have you ever considered me a sister? You came here after father passed, and rejected mother and me from the start! I tried to culture you, to open you up to your elven heritage, to arrange marraige for you…and you gave me no appreciation. Only resentment."

"I was young and ‘ell, you said it yourself! I was raised by humans! I have an excuse for my disposition, tsk!"

"No more, Kairi.." but Ellora pauses. She thinks for a way to turn this around. She should try to believe her sister’s story. And if it is a scam, she would feel better as a deceived victim, than an elf who cares not for her blood-kin.

"Kairi, dear sister. I want to believe you, I really do. So I shall give you this one chance, one oppurtunity, to show me that you have grown into the moral being that I..WE so want you to become. But there will be conditions."

Ellora steps forward and presses her knuckles on the tabletop, leans down and faces Kairi, eye to eye.

"One, keep your hands in your pockets. I will not bail you out again. I will not pay back bounties twicefold. You will deal with those consequences alone. If you should fail, I will be gone and will never be seen in your company again. I
will no longer stand to have our namesake tarnished by your repeated criminal history."

"Two! Once you get on your feet, I will have done my deed as a sister to you and I shall deserve your respect."

"Three!! Take that piece of cloth off from around your ears and show some pride. You disgrace us all with your shame."

Kairi puts her hands to her ears, holding the cloth bandana against them, "But it’s my security blanket!" she whines.

Ellora stands upright, gives Kairi one final stern stare, and goes back to her meal prep.

Kairi picks her peach pits up from off the table. She wipes them against her apron and stuffs them in a pocket. "See ya in Narrowhaven! And by the way, sis. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t spread any rumors. I’m trying to be on my best behavior."

Ellora shakes her head in regret as Kairi walks out. "Narrowhaven. What have I just agreed to?"

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