The Valley

The Valley was dark and deep. He had walked this path more than anyone had known all the way out to Clerists secret hide away. The Luxloft camp at the base of the mountain. It pained him greatly as he walked through the doors and found nobody there. He missed his teacher, his mentor, more over, his friend. He couldn’t change things. The books that were laying around he couldn’t pick up and flip through. He couldn’t even smell the warriors pride that used to fill the rooms and coat the hallways.

He was stuck, and looking for clues. This wasn’t some place he could bring Delia, the area itself wasn’t dangerous, it was too precious to him. His hands fell upon the floor as his back rode down the wall. His eyes beckoning for some sort of sign that Clerist was still around, that he could pass on his knowledge to another student in his stead. As he waited he found nothing, nobody came, nobody went. This house was a home abandoned. The spirit assumed the worst, prayed for the best, and would settle for anything in between. Though if he had tears they would have been pouring from his eyes and creating small pools around him. Instead his soul would fray and flake away more scars to add to an already tormented spirit.

During he had two more things to do before he could pass on, get revenge to those who escaped his judgement in life and to wait for Delia at till the end of her time. He didn’t have to protect her, she didn’t need him to protect her, it’s not that kind of love. He simply wanted to rest by her, lay his head on her shoulder from time to time and enjoy her. These things wouldn’t happen really. His life was over now all he could do was wait and wonder. What happened to them? Was his genius a folly? Perhaps so.

He had taken so many things for granted that in the end, there was nothing but time and waiting. Perhaps this is his punishment and his reward for many loyal and faithful years to the maker. Even still he didn’t want to miss one more minute by her side. Even if he had to tear the veil apart just to lay his eyes upon her.

‘I love you Delia’, he thought to himself. Finally standing up. His fingers curled into a fist and he floated out the doorway and back into the world. It was time to make the pilgrimage and it started here, at the temple of chaos.

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