The Tulsharess, and Vhid (Chaos) rising.

Dhaune walked though the streets, illuminated in a dark glow of the caverns vegetation. She seemed lost in thought excited even. Finally the time has come for chaos to reign. She approached the crypt, Rivvil cries growing louder, gates knowing this would be exactly what lloth had promised.

Dhaune Sinore_6-18_23.12.jpg

Before taking the last stairwell she stopped and spoke to a near by guard. "Quickly gather ever one and tell them to report to the throne room " A surface hour passed before ever one was gathered.

Dhaune Sinore_6-18_21.41.jpg

She sat upon the throne with her Kyrol Zyn at her side. After taking a deep breath Dhaune stood proudly in front before the inhabitants of Naentak, stepping forward with swagger. She began to speak with the cavers acoustics carrying her voice. " I Dhaune Sinore proclaim my self Tulsharess of Naentak to bring chaos to its height as it should be."

Dhaune Sinore_6-18_21.50.jpg

After appointing counsel and a brief discussion on politics. The Tulsharess led the city to the Krypt, where a sacrifice was to be held. Dhaune chanted a prayer in the name of Lloth. With the flick of hands she signaled the Kyrol to dispatch the slaves. Zyn rushed forward gleefully blade in hand slitting the throats in a dance of blood and madness. Cutting off the head of the last he held it out by hair.Taking it Dhaune began praying to Lloth and thank her for this wonderous blessing.

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