The time of Mayy

Mayylene sat at the inn, inspecting the odd colored ingot in her hand. She flips it over thoughtful. Sea metal. Her thoughts flicker back to him, the one who had given it to her. She didn’t know people could live in the sea, without fins. She had always imagined if it was even possible there would be fins, perhaps even a large tail, but he didn’t seem to have either. His eyes, were something she couldn’t forget either, he looked so different from what she was used to. Under island, and sleep, he seemed like he was definitely on a quest of his own, and admitting to perhaps needing her help. Needed…. Was she really needed for once?

Her thoughts trailed back to her mother, and her father. They were so busy, all the time. So important and needed, but she was just in the way. Her mother never had time for her, and her father tried, but she was tired of playing his game, with all his forms and copies. Magic, She would work on her magic, her knowledge, and her attention to detail. The man had left, but he said he would return, even told her of a way to summon him if she wanted to. Yes, she would work on this, to help him. He had even agreed that they could be friends. What was it like to have a friend, she wondered.

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