The Thoughts of a Man

Fredrick looked over the mountain side, leaning against the window. His hands were folded behind his back clasped. Everything so far was going as well as could be expected. Merrick had agreed to be the Guard Captain. The guards seemed happy and loyal enough. His mind slowly drifted to the man downstairs happily serving his jail sentence. A broad smile overtook his lips as her remembered the scene. Time served was still time served, for now at least the streets should be safe.

He lifted his chin glancing over his shoulder to the desk next. Narrowhaven was indeed in chaos, cut the pieces would come back together. Healing simply takes time. He needed to build support, create a solid base, for the city to be successful. The attempts to negotiate with the Forge Company hadn’t gone quite as well as expected, but all good things take time. Perhaps it was his own good fortune that the man had declined, after all how well did he know the stranger anyway? He would take time, get to know the man, perhaps evaluate him.

His eyes shifted to the paperwork on the desk. Guards fees and city fees were written in ink, the papers scattered, many of them not even properly documented. As he shifted through the papers he found one about the academy. He lifted it up eyeing it curiously. Yes, a mage school, he had heard of the grand attempts to fund it, and when it was built. He scanned the papers his lips pressing together. Somewhere here would be a name, information on who it was he should connect with. Frustration boiled within him, at how he could have overlooked it with his plans. Connections, it was all about connections, he would need to find this Headmaster.

Housing, Protection and Food; these are the three things any city needed to be successful. These were his three goals, before any other plans could be developed. Merrick; He was the new guard captain, he had been spotted doing rounds several times. Fredrick lifted his hand making a check on his book. One section completed, the guards had even taken anxiously to the outfit shift. They seemed to like the uniforms well enough. Unity, the uniforms were about unity. Narrowhaven would grow again. Housing; He had just returned from a walk of the town, clearing out and cleaning up all the abandoned houses. It is true many of them were still older, new houses would come in time, first, he just needed to have houses for the people here. More will always come as things get better. Food; He knew he needed to contract with some of the farmers. If he could get some markets set up, this would not only offer selection but some good competition on prices.

His mind again trailed to the party now. Yes, he would need to host some sort of event. He had chosen a provider for drinks already. Merrick agreed to assemble the guard to attend as well. Perhaps he would spruce up the old king’s chambers and building, to host the event. Food, he needed to find someone to serve the food. A few days more, perhaps a week. Fredrick wanted to make sure to get to know the people, to become a somewhat familiar face, before sending out invitations. This was expecially important if he was serious about getting people to attend. Yes, music and food and drink. He would need to find a tailor, get a new set of uniforms, spruced up and fancy and formal, for the event. He wanted people here to be happy again, to have a reason to stay, to visit. Narrowhaven would soon again become the center of attention, a good spot to visit and travel to.

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