The singing emerald


The singing emerald

As the red lady one of this days walked around the city, a really strange courier approached her with a delivery. He walked around with little jumps now and then, seeming quite scared and at the same time curious of his surroundings. When he spotted her, he quickly ran towards the lady, stopping right in front of her, perhaps too close for human standards. His clothes were all mangled and muddy, and with effort and deep rough voice, as it was rarely used, he said "A package for lady Scarlet". Not giving her time to even reply or question him, he just threw a small dirty box to her arms, and ran away, seeming quite happy to had gotten rid of that thing. It was the first time that that boy appeared in the town and the last aswell.


The first thing you would notice about the dirty box was the horrible stench of rotten fish coming from its inside. If brave enough, you would open it and get prized with a small fish head, its eyes missing and all chewed up here and there, and to add more to its fabulousness’ it was all sticky with a strange mucus. As you disgustedly peered into that fabulous gift, suddenly a green emerald bug would get out of the head through one of the eye’s holes.

Opening its wings it started singing. It was really hard to take something out from the strange song, and only someone that already had heard that type of vocabulary before would understand. Mixed with the strange words there were other background sounds. The voice was singing and at the same time not singing, it was hard to tell with the horrible pronunciation and hoarseness of it. If it was not for the hypnotizing fairy echoes that followed every sentence it pronounced, the lyric would be hardly titled a song.

"Moh os troppod. Thoy don’t lot moh go owoy!"

The voice stated in a angry tune, and the next sentence was followed by a desperate and frustrated one

"Con yoh holp moh?… No.. Of coorso yoh con’t… Moybo yoh woll not ovon coro… "

The next sentences were only strange grumbling annoyed noises, followed by the rest of the song that seemed more hopeful.

"Bot moh wonts to como bock, moybo ono doy moh woll bo oblo to,
ond whon moh doos ot, moh woll fond yoh ogoon!
Oko? Okooooo?
Of moh doos ot, con moh hovo fosh hood? Hm?
Boyboy!… Boyboy
*Burping sound* "

After the little bug repeated itself more 3 times, it shrank itself, its wings and legs fell down off its body and it transformed into a beautiful bright green emerald.

It seemed the little gremlin wasn’t able to forget easily her past.

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