The Road to Madness

The Road to Madness

They were all so small, undersized. I could have held them both in my hands, just like confined little creatures. I even compared them to little ants; a black one, and a fire ant. The one in flames was trying to give me life lessons from one that had barely lived, and one that have experienced an easy life, at that. It’s only when you meet true enemies, that you would understand how trading deals can be beneficial. The darker one was simply watching, appreciating the argument between Astra and I.

My red feathered wings were large enough to spread, from a wall to its opposite, while still not being fully extended. It had already been a few hours since my cousin and I started this peaceful war and my succubus form had drained most of my energy to fight. I knew I wouldn’t be able to express myself correctly or even to share a tenth of what I was truly thinking or feeling. So, of course, Astra left after being tired to argue with me, and Samael offered me his calm presence and a helping hand. Sometimes, I did truly appreciate him.

He brought me back into this strange room, lost in time and space, hanging in the middle of pure darkness. In time like these, I always felt as if he tried to protect me, somehow, from the hurtful situations I encountered outside. Perhaps I could be wrong about him, but I could feel he was able to tame my panic and distress with almost a suspicious ease. He made his way through the infinite red drapes, flowing down through the floor, while gently holding my hand. While I followed his steps, my feathers thinned in swirls of red smoke, shrinking me back to a conventional size. Silence and understanding were the key to it, it seemed like confrontation just made it worse. -He- knew.

Hatred told me he had a little surprise ready for me. I was curious, since he always offers me the most outstanding presents, but also stressed to what it could be. I knew our contract was pulling towards the end, and I was starting to wonder if I wasn’t to finally reach the goal of a lifetime. I had given him everything he asked, and had nothing more to offer… perhaps the end had come? He abruptly stopped walking to turn to face me, sliding quickly behind to cover my eyes with his hands. Whispering the remaining directions into my ears, I blindly took the last careful steps towards his -surprise-. His cold hands slithering down towards my shoulders, in a perverted caress, he guided me to stand in front of the mysterious present.

I first opened my eyes to a blurred setting, still dizzy from my argument with Astra. Shades of deep crimson and pinkish skin slowly added to other features I knew too well; those ardent warm iris, those pointy ears, this perfection. My own sight was in complete disbelief. I felt my heart pounding so fast, that I thought it would race out of my chest. The air felt heavy and warm, mixing with an overwhelming feeling I had forgotten; Happiness.

– Malachite?
I asked, detaching myself from Samael, right away. He became invisible as soon as I discovered the nature of his gift. He had offered me the end of my deal.

– Scarlet, dear, it’s just his body, empty of all conscience and emotion. I already made sure his soul was resting in a safest place. Aren’t you satisfied already?

Samael’s voice was barely an echo. I couldn’t help but to wrap my arms around the most precious being I had ever lost; my other half. His skin was cold and his stare lifeless, but everything else was perfect. Maybe, I shouldn’t be stopping so close of my true goal? The one I didn’t tell hatred about.

– Samael… can I ask you a last favour, please? Since you know where his soul is, bring him back! Bring him back to life! Didn’t you say you were powerful enough to?

Wearing his usual porcelain mask, I failed to see the sick smile he was concealing underneath it. He nodded and disappeared from the dark room a few minutes, while I was still contemplating the perfect image of what I had lost. The events that followed are unclear in my mind, since I’m not even sure I paid attention to anything else other than Malachite. He was there, I had succeeded. My part of the plan was to go exactly as I had planed and this nightmarish existence would soon be replaced by an undisturbed future. Hatred would lose interest in me very soon and I’ll withdraw on my island with Malachite. At last… A noise pulled me back from my rĂªverie and I noticed Samael had tried to catch my attention since a while, when I was still entranced by my twin brother.


Malachite was now resting in my room. I had taken care of him while he was still weak… It must be a long way coming back from the kingdom of the dead. He had asked me many questions regarding where we were, but his stare was constantly losing itself into confusion… he needed to rest. Despite my craving for his attention, his wellbeing was vital. I would remain by his side until he feels better and would happily look after his every need, like he used to do with me, in the past.

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