The return

Lance stepped out onto the grass outside his fort and looked out over the sea. Much had happened in the time he had been gone, many of his friends had vanished, his wife included. He sighed to himself, as he could feel the darkness inside him taking over, he was slowly slipping, and he knew it. After several moments more of staring out to sea, he put his helmet on saying to himself, "I guess I better start searching…."

It was that afternoon when he recalled into Narrowhaven, the town seemed on edge about something as he looked around the town through his helmet. As he walked towards the bank he saw in the distance a familiar person, Kairi Vel. As he walked past her she gasped and said "Lance? is that really you?". Turning his head to face her, "It is indeed, my journey is over". She replied saying, "Many had though you dead, but I knew you would return. Right in time too, there has been orcs sighted sailing towards Narrowhaven." Turning to face her , "I will be prepared". "I have things that require my attention, so I will leave you to prepare, it was good seeing you Lance", she replied as she turned and walked away. He sighed as he walked towards the bank, thinking to himself, One last time…. As he was putting some things in his bank box, he heard a guardsman cry "Orcs at the docks! To Arms!", hurriedly he handed his bank box to Warner and ran out the door running towards the dock, fading into the shadows as he uttered a cloaking spell.
Upon reaching the docks, he noticed several familiar faces among the defenders, namely Engale Strace, and Jade Nightblade. Quietly he unfolded his spear and walked slowly to join the defenders as the orcs landed…

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