“The Old Drow” a quick character introduction for E’lan.

E’lan shuffled through the town, not knowing where she was..or where she had been. Living in the moment in her old age
was all she could manage. The unfamiliarity had no effect on her nerves, as it was peaceful to her, and her attention remained less on what was changing around her and more on what was directly effecting her.

As she hobbled on, she came upon a shop who’s doors were open to customers. She quietly entered, moving slowly around the room inspecting the goods. A salesman approached her with concern in his eyes.."Ma’m, may I assist thee?"

E’lan mumbled incoherently and continues to gaze upon the wares.

"Are you seeking gems? Scrolls? Perhaps some magical regeants?"

E’lan looked up, her stringy grease encrusted locks hiding much of her face. But the salesman stepped back, almost gasping in disgust at her distinguishable features…Pale, sunken in face, one eye burning bright red while the other completely white. She is noticable half-blind, and old…yesss very old.

The salesman swallowed hard, lost for words.

"What thish ere be..!!" E’lan demanded in her low scruffy tone, pointing to a rock directly in front of her on the display.

" is a substance called immobirite. Its main element is…." and the salesman went on to tell the tale of the immobirite, as he had been told to tell it. E’lan stepped toward him, her face becoming close to his, ear tilted towards his mouth. The salesman, most uncomfortable with this stepped aside, and this became an almost stride through the length of the showcase as she continued to get too close for comfort. Upon finishing , the salesman clapped his hands together nervously, "Now, well, shall I wrap that up for you?"

After an uncomfortable pause, E’lan still very close to the man, clicks her lips and bows her head down shaking it "no", mumbling again under her breath. She then slowly turns and walks out, never looking back.

The salesman was in shock about the whole matter, and the strangeness of the situation. After his discomfort wore off, he pulled a rag from his back pocket and turned toward the display. As he sees what is there (or not there), he freezes in place as his mind replays what could have happened.

"Guards!!!" The salesman rushes out the door and the local guards and few pedestrians walk up to see what the matter was. "My wares! My goods! She stole them!"

"Who?" the guards inquired, and the townsfolk all raised questioning glances.
"The old Drow! Just walked out! You can’t miss her!"

And a search began.

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