The New Narrowhaven

As merrick gets back to his tower from leaving the office of the narrowhaven king…who was not present there but forge and his band of followers. Forge was sitting in the throne at that. he sits and ponders how things could have got to this. Absolutely no justice. The king had hired forge and the Blackfoot company to remove me from my position and actually exile me to Mythndale or go to jail for merely speaking with him as he did me. What do the citizens of narrowhaven have to look foward too? If they upset or say something to the king that he doesnt like, he will hire mercanary’s to wisk you away or be jailed!! They say i committed treason by going to the king and simply stating that i had a right to the throne. fenrir himself chose me to succeed him if he ever left. i am also Duke, which is the next in line. How is stating this treason?… I threatened him in no way nor did i demand him turn the throne over to me.
When he came to me i had much going on in Myhtndale with the killer running about reeking havoc on the town… and at the time i had no one to look after mythndale in my absence. I explained to the king that i now had a baron to step up and run Mythndale, and the other problems where taken care of and I felt i was ready to step up to narrowhaven. All Fredrick had to do was so no… but instead… he hires mercanaries, and has me thrown out. Is this what the citizens of Narrowhaven have to look forward to?
Merrick makes several copies of this and sets to posting them about Mythndale.. Narrowhaven. and any and all towns in the lands.
They say I committed treason and am worthless, well lets see what the citizens think of how things get dealt with… but be carefull!!! you might have mercanaries knocking on your doors telling you to leave or be jailed!!!
He signed the letters Merrick Godfrey, Duke Of Mythndale , captain of the Narrowhaven guard.

No mercanary has the right to remove my titles no matter how much anyone pays them.

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