The Nameless Woman

Pulls a book from his bag, opens it up and begins to take down his thoughts:

Sitting there in the study hall of the Academy I go about my business, practicing spell casting. I don’t even notice her at first. She steps closer. I still don’t notice her. She coughs. I look up, seeing a woman I have not seen before. “Vendui, My name is Mauzen Zhau’nil.” I speak calmly and smoothly, trying desperately to convey ease and friendly intentions. “I mean no harm or ill will.” I finish. “It’s risky business giving away your name so freely. There is much power in a name.” I look at her curious as to her meaning. She steps in front of the desk I am sitting at and leans over. I lean back. “Do you mean me harm?” I ask tentatively. “Hmm?” She reaches forward and brushes her hand across my cheek. There is a draining feeling, I feel slightly dizzy. I shake it off. “Did I say I was going to harm you?” She leans forward getting very close to my neck, I can hear her lips part. “I would not taste very good…” She leans back, a surprised look on her face. “Who said anything about tasting?” she smirks. “No one, just merely stating. She turns around and casually looks through the books on the shelf, muttering “There has to be a hex in here somewhere involving names…” She looks back. “Until we meet again, Mauzen…” Saying my name as if tasting it. “I am sure we will meet again.” “I am sure we will too.” I reply as she steps down the stairs.

I sit there, unable to really grasp what has just gone on. Who was she, why did she not tell me her name. Maybe because I didn’t ask. Though that didn’t seem right, normally an introduction is met with a similar introduction. I sit there pondering. Perhaps Master Vuradin will know, I think to myself. All I could think of, was that I had to know who she was.

The next day I informed Master Vuradin of my encounter. I couldn’t recall the woman’s appearance. Only that she had dark skin, wore some sort of dress. I even recalled the color wrong. Master Vuradin informed me to be more careful, as there were those who would do us harm if they were inclined to. I took his words to heart, determined to try and gather more clues.

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