The Missing

Engale had kept himself at arms length from many people for quite some time now. He had lost many over the years. "Old man" jade called him one day, Engale wasn’t even 30 yet, but somehow he’d become aged in his young years. Driven or drove to this world, he again found love in it. The world snatched took her away from him. He grew bitter with each friend lost.

During this long time Engale allowed himself only one friend, everyone else he kept at bay. Many struggled with demons, but Lancelynn’s fight reminded him of his own. He ignored Lance’s friends and loved one, he only focused on Lance. Many things happened and while Lance was fighting the same form of battle he was he chose to help Lance, whatever way that Lance wanted to go, he’d watch and help him in that direction.

"A dry run." He’d tell himself as he waited to see how Lance fought and how he might win the fight. What mistakes where made? Where could he learn from this friend? It was not easy as one day Lancelynn chose to go explore what he could not.

Months went by before his friend returned but many things had happened in that time, the world was to cruel. Engale had grown past bitter now and into self loathing. Engale had been driven mad by his inner thoughts, and went sane again. He had blinded himself in efforts not to do things he might regret.

The world was cruel. That next day as to add insult to his injury it gave him back his love after he could no longer see her. Shocked and dismayed at this he bit his tongue before… "It gave her back, that’s what really matters right now." he insisted to himself.

The world was cruel. The same day he received Silasae’s Love again he was presented with a dream, a memory. Not only did he get a friend, a lover… Engale now had a sister, Thronna. He was loved again, his heart opened again. He had more than remembered how he use to be. He didn’t fight for himself back then. It was never about him, rather it was for the people he loved. He had been selfish, he still was.

"Lancelynn, you can not win our fight with friends alone." he told his friend. He then pulled out a knife and dug the tip into his table. "I’ll be your family if you’ll have me." His blind eyes shone with love for the one man that he could call friend, the one who’s fight he knew the best in all this world. Lancelynn accepted his offer and they shook their hands, the blade between them. They held their hands there a good time, their flesh digging into the blade, their blood mixing together.

Engale didn’t have a friend in him now, his family was growing quicker than he was realizing and his heart was swelling with them now.

Lover, Sister, Brother… but the world is cruel…

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