The Lost

Engale stood upon the ground before the wood of the docks holding merchant buildings of Narrowhaven. He listened and faced Thronna, turned to the other side of him and felt the presents of his love Silasae there. He turn his face to the front and noted Lancelynn in front of him. Jade he could also feel not far down the line, she was already in battle with the orcs.

Engale noted the pain Lance was already in as he stepped closer towards him, his hand went up with reflex as in the back of his mind he casted the greater healing spell upon his good friend. He smiled, it had been a long time since he felt the reason he chose to protect this world. Now surrounded by old friends and his loved one he started to remember why. The four of them where currently in good health.

Listen, feel the air… know where the enemy is… and… His green eyes fixated on an brute, while blind Engale could still see. He tapped the ground with the staff to make sure nothing was going to disrupt him as he cast, not that it would take long.

His eyes turned in expression from happy to that of worry. "Never again!" he shouted in his mind as his fingers weaved the flame strike spell. "NEVER!" The spell went off and the brute fell to the ground with Lance’s spear still in it. He felt them on any side of him, Silasae, Thronna, Lancelynn, Jade, Quinn and more around him fighting to protect a town form these invaders from the sea. "I’ll never again forget why I fight. I will remember it’s not for me, it is for you all that I’m here now." He continued to think feeling the thud of the brute crash to the ground.

He waited as the fighting stopped for a moment. He listened as others explained what he couldn’t see. A few ships still had not docked yet, seemed they would be fighting in waves… The next one he’d be more ready for. "Lancelynn… heal him again. That boy needs to learn to dodge more." he thought to himself. The next wave was on them.

Enough of this… Time to get serious. "Wild Fire". He made no hand signs. Only felt the presents of the enemy and lit the field a blaze, careful to make the holes needed for his allies to continue to fight. He turned as another group of enemies where with in range for him to feel them. "Wild Fire". He set another part of the battle alight again careful of his allies. After a few more times of this he realized he couldn’t keep it up at that moment and stepped back behind Lancelynn again.

He turned and smiled as he felt the spell blade ability in Jade strike an enemy. "My she’s grown." he thought to himself. Another pause in the fighting… this was different. It seemed the mass of the enemy was scared to fight… one… one enemy came to shore? He focused on it. This one wasn’t normal, he was stronger. "Poison". He screamed in his head targeting the king that wanted the city.

It effected him, but not at much as he liked. "Mind blast", no good. "fine then… Flame Strike!" he casted on the enemy and finally something did a good job of breaking the defense of the king. "Mages, use your fire spells, keep him poisoned" he barked orders… why? he never gave orders before. "No matter, this king will only die faster now." he thought to himself.

He felt them all attacking, everyone was working together to defeat this enemy. "If they work like this we might even be able to win that other war." he thought to himself. Jade’s blade struck this king, Lancelynn’s spear at the same time from another side… 3, no 4 more blades hit soon after. Magic after magic also hit the king. It fell to it’s knees. They pulled the blades back and one more shot, I don’t know who from finished it off. It fell forward and laid there. Whatever remained of their fleet must of retreated if there was anything left of them.

A few moments later things where settling down. We all breathed easier, but it didn’t last. The presents of it was disturbing to say the least. Engale only listened, "A good mage listens to everything, understands everything s/he can before acting." the words of a teacher echoed in his mind. What is there to understand about this one? Friend? Foe? Words came out from the man’s mouth but there was something lacking in each syllable, There was no hate in his voice, no love either… in fact there was no emotion of any kind. The words where just that, words. The man vanished, leaving words with no meaning.

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