The link between Engale and his students.

((Posted as Engale))

Trance was gone. The Conduit was human again. Sasha cried in Vuradin’s arms. Delia followed the voice of the gods.

Where was I? Looking for a lost friend. I headed out weeks ago looking high, looking low. I checked every place on this would I could think of, even some I didn’t think of. I had to find my friend.

I kept looking until I stumbled upon a cave. I had followed the ether to it, but then there was none left here. The cave looked empty of everything at first until my eyes adjusted. Finally, as I looked over the floor I found the brown robe of my friend, and the rest of his belonging, a few bone fragments of him remained.

My eyes started to let small bit of water fall, they soaked the cloth around my face as I walked closer to the remains.

My friend is no more, elsewhere the new Clerist was found in a form that will surprise many by Delia.

They ran, I slowly removed the cloth covering my face. They jumped over the crumbling ground, I slowly reached down to touch the remains of my old friend. They entered the portal and returned to Narrowhaven, my fingers touched the robe and I was gone.

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