The Legacy of Dannl’in Veratu

(This will be a thread of all major events/RP turns and twists for my character Dannl’in. Feel free to tell me if anything in my stories goes against the Lore here. I’ve tried to find as much as I could to assure this wouldn’t happen.)

[Long silver hair falls below his shoulder blades with many braids mostly towards the front of his head. In these braids are random totems like bird feathers or bones. Scattered randomly across his body are markings, some look like brands while others are symbols or seem to be a language but all are made from scars.

Personality is that of a cross between a hermit and a young curious animal. He is not unfriendly but does not trust very easily, though once loyalty is gained it will almost surely never be broken.]

Right of Passage

All stories begin with the loss of something…

"Are you sure we should let him go?" A shaken female voice is heard almost as a whisper through the rustle of leaves.

"Nothing will come of it, let him go." Another voice replies, this one unsure and that of a male.

A young boy’s eyes open with a start, his vision blurry from unconsciousness. Standing in the room are people whose faces he cannot make out.

A few more blinks and things start to clear up, he can see he’s in some sort of structure, then…dreams.

"Gather around, people of the tribe.." an elderly voice is heard. This one he feels is some sort of familiar to him. "Today we test our youth for their magical abilities."

"Go on you two, enter the circle and make your kin proud." The boy feels a push, to his right is his twin sister. "You ready, brother?" she asks him.
The young boy nods to her, but inside he feels something is wrong. He could feel in his memory something was going wrong, but in the dream he could not say anything or move.

"The test begins now." The elderly voice spoke again.

All around him the young members of his people were manipulating magic in all sorts of various ways. All except him.

"Wake up lad." One voice said "He looks so young" said another. He opened his eyes a moment, again seeing only blurry figures before drifting back to his dream.

"You know what must be done, Tal’ihara." The elder said to Dannl’in’s mother.

Dannl’in was still in the proving circle, his sister embraced him with a tight hug, one that was filled with fear and sadness. "Run brother, run." she whispered into his ear.
Dannl’in took off into a sprint out of the proving circle and away from his family as fast as he could.

A sharp pain was felt in his left shoulder as his shirt continued to burn melting partially into his skin. He looked back as his mother hurled another flame at him. He had barely gotten out of reach as his father summoned a lightning bolt after him. The bolt missed but as the shock spread out through the earth Dannl’in was lifted off the ground by the energy and hurled into a boulder breaking his right arm.

He barely stood up in enough time to see everyone from his village yelling at his sister, forcing her to do their bidding or join him.

Standing there in the open field, leaning against a rock was Dannl’in, burn wound on his left shoulder, holding his right arm where it had broken against the boulder. He stared back at the people he once played with and sat on their knees as they told him stories of the ancient elves. His mother and father, who now try to kill him. All he had ever loved was staring right back at him, but with the intent to kill.

Dannl’in locked eyes with his twin sister as tears poured down her cheek. He knew what she was feeling and what she had to do. As he stood there, looking into his sisters eyes she lifted the bow that Dannl’in made for her and aimed at him. Her lips read the words "I’m sorry" but from them spewed a magic arrow that traveled the several hundred yards in only a second and pierced Dannl’in just below his heart.

His eye’s were wide with both pain and shock that he was still alive, he gave one last look at his twin and spun around the boulder off into the wilderness.

"Are you sure we should let him go?" His mother’s voice is heard almost as a whisper through the rustle of leaves.

"Nothing will come of it, let him go." His father’s voice replies unsure of the truth in his words.

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