The Last One Standing


The Last One Standing

Have you ever felt like you had lost everything? No, more than that. Perhaps, that you were just running in circles on an endless path leading to terrible events; Your efforts? Pointless. Your work? Undone. Your surroundings? Gone. So many heartbreaks it can be… as long as one has a heart.

You know, those times where you wonder how it could even get worse, but it still does, and so often that you cannot even be surprised anymore. When you have reached that perfect darkness, right there, at the bottom of everything. That special place that you know just a few visited… those who had that storm and lived through it. You know what they say about those who have nothing left to lose, those survivors..?

It has been a long while. My pride did have some trouble swallowing the last ridiculous moves of the fake crown of Narrowhaven, and I’m unsure myself where I’ve spent my time. Here and there, lost, my usual geographical location. Walking in between words and paranoid thoughts, or dancing around that pit on the left side of my chest. There I was, standing in that warm sand of Mythndale, where my mansion stood.

In a gentle move, I pushed over my shoulder some of my blood red colored hair. I narrowed my eyes, the blowing sea wind mixing with sand was blurring my vision to the point where it would almost create psychedelic effects. Did I manage to lose myself? I stood there, still, on an empty beach. Why wasn’t my sight delighted by red flowers running up pure white marble walls? And those sparkly ponds of clear water… and my treasures… and my artefacts… and my special room?! And my statue?! MY STATUE!

A growing sense of panic overwhelmed me and I threw myself into the sand. To hell my perfect red dress. My hands were searching, tossing and digging, in hopes that I could find a remnant of my memories; a proof that it truly existed. There had to be something, there, buried in that sand! I could feel the sand uncomfortably gathering under my nails as my heart rate was racing even faster.

"No, no no! It was mine! It had won the right to have it forever!"

I don’t know how much time I kneeled in the sand, desperate to find a glimpse of anything, but the moon was up in the sky when I finally sat down, exhausted. I couldn’t trust my own mind perhaps? Was I ever really here? Where had the Family gone? My title? Michael, where was he? My statue? So many questions, and only the sound of my own broken voice was echoing back to me. Shivering, I slowly stood up, being myself more messy than that beach that had been turned upside down by my bare hands.

I laughed, alone.

Oh how entertaining it was! How entertaining is it to find myself back in that position where I just have everything to build again? Nobody else would have that resolve. I am Scarlet. I’ve survived my way up to here, didn’t I? I’ve witnessed so many fall… They always seem to choose the wrong path. My circle works so much better, it’s never-ending. I’m not done.

So, I walked, in random directions, from places I knew, to the confusing regularity of straight leafy trees. The pages of my rune book were half thorn and I couldn’t seem to focus at all on anything. Walking, eventually I will find something that speaks to me. I’m sure I’ve been assigned a much greater plan, this time, a true mission. I was blinded by my thoughts, my eyes seeing without seeing, my feet walking without knowing.

Where are you? My love, can’t we meet somewhere, where the butterflies are red? Can’t you follow those cold stone stairs? Can’t you smell those flowers I leave behind for you? The greatest ideas can be born between those mossy walls…

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