The Journeys never end

A missive from the Great Council was brought by a 13 years old to Captain Avogadro.

"so young" thought Uroboro thinking of how many men Britannia lost in the latest dark times.

He opened the message after giving some cinnamon candies to the boy.

"The mayors decided to give you an important task. Gather as many men as you can and bring us the information we need to organize our next moves (…)".

A note was appointed on all the town banks:

"Come forward brave men! If hunger for glory or for wealth is what thou seek, the Great Council is willing to pay thee a generous sum of money for your endeavors! The Captain of the Trin’s Militia will guide you in an expedition to help our kingdom to rejoyce. Meet Captain Avogadro at the Trinsic Meeting Hall and help the kingdom to help yourself."

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