The heir of Ornegar

When Varik was first brought to this world, he was disoriented. He wept about losing the favors of the Natir, and being separated from his children and wife. He asked around to find clues how to get back to his own world, but he never found any meaningful aid in the matter. In the process, he got quite close to the knowledgeable bards, who gave him hope a well-hidden legend might help him home.

Months passed, he traveled far and wide across the lands. He always came back to the same tavern, ordering drinks in which to drown his sorrow, rage, and loss. He had pretty much given up on the life that was once his.

What was your life, back then? curiously asked a fair barmaid on a slow running evening. The rugged warrior was happy to share his story.

My full name is Varik of Kopef, Son of Ornegar. Our village is organized in many clans, and every man and woman must be part of one. The clan of the wolves protect our territory and ensure order. The clan of the bear hunts food and gather ressources for the clan of the beaver, which is the lot of artisans and housebuilders. There were also the owls and foxes, respectively the shamans and the diplomats. Since I was harder-working than most, I placed myself under the mentorship of a shaman, and became a fearsome warleader. I fought many wars, had the final victory most of the time. But…

He drank down the rest of his tankard of mead to gather some courage. His drunken state didn’t help maintaining a stoic face.

I am a warrior of the faith, under the Fair Lady that created the cycle of nature and life. I learned to anticipate the weather in the flight of the birds, respect and honor the dead, for they nourish the earth and go back to the animals whom we feast upon reasonably in an harmonious circle. I was granted divine powers for my devoted warfaring against our most dedicated enemies. The Undead. Not only do we hate the mindless dead, but our deepest nemesis are those undead that have their own conscience, and live in communities. They are the antipod of our faith, and should go back to the earth that originally bred them.

I.. don’t want to detail it. But we lost the biggest war of our time against them. 9 out of 10 of my people died on that fateful day… and we had to find ourselves a new home. We rejoined the elves, who are close cousins to us, considering our faith.

You mentioned a family before, didn’t you?

A nostalgic smile appeared, and as his eyes got wet, the smile faded. He opened his mouth to speak, closed it back because he wasn’t sure of his voice. An awkward moment later, he carried on.

I have 3 children. Two twins, one a boy, one a girl, and then another girl. The twins received a lot from my own heritage, but the youngest has her mother’s eyes. Deep emerald eyes that seem to drag you in a vivid dream. Long red hair against pale skin. A true battle-maiden, a hardened body to hide her inner delicacy. They all make me so proud, you know…

I wish I could have them back…

As he seemed to fall into despair, the barmaid rubbed his back comfortingly and gave him some space as she had to greet new customers. As he left his stool to stumble to his room, he didn’t know he was being watched intently from a table, in the corner of the establishment.

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