The Golden Empire

Maya would be a young girl roughly around 22 years of age. After a long afternoon of socializing and mini tea parties she would take a stroll in the garden. It was here that she was attacked. At first it was one, then two and before she knew it she was being carried away by at least 10 Orc warriors. The princess next finds herself being hauled in an all together poorly built boat which she was uncertain if they were floating on logs or shit because of the smell. Her situation was certainly desperate and the Orcs were eyeing her for more than one reason. When they arrived to the coast of a land mass that she hadn’t recognized she was terrified. The Orcs dragged her kicking and screaming all the way down into the pits of their dungeon only to throw her in a cell. There were unintelligible threats on her life and she was afraid of being eaten but more over by the smell. Her situation was quickly degrading when the Orc commander came into the cell and ripped her mothers charm from her Neck. Now beaten, alone, afraid, and unprotected she crawled up into a ball and cried.

Leroy had been fending off the groups of Orc that were besieging the town. The man was exhausted as the battle slowly died down and the king was secured. After the panic the kingdom started counting heads it was then they knew the princess had been taken. The king and Leroy were completely distraught and didn’t know what to do. So Leroy set out with a small band of adventurers and tracked down the Orcs to their cave but they met strong opposition and their party was quickly dispatched. Leroy did the only thing he knew to do, he prayed. "Oh kind and lovely lady Amelia. Please I am desperate." He closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them again he was in the land of NarrowHaven. The adventure blessed with his dieing breaths ran around like a chicken with his head cut off begging and pleading for help. This is when a group of citizens gathered together and vowed to rescue the princess. Leroy with his last act opened a portal to the entrance of the Orc cavern.

There the adventures, freed Princess Maya, Rescued her trinket and safely secured her in the INN. (This is where you get to add more story by replying to this post! Good Luck Adventurers!)

[Lore Notes]
The Golden Empire is believed to be on an island off the coast of Britannia. It was created by a small group of survivors after the fall of civilization. Maya has not returned yet but is looking for a brave sailor to return her to her homeland.

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