The Flame of Passion

Fenrir had come to visit Adair. Something Adair had become accustomed to but never enjoyed. Adair viewed Fenrir as a brave but lost soul. A child who hasn’t discovered themselves yet. Adair would share a discussion with him and through the pains of his injuries remained true to his faith. It was true that Fenrir had much potential and one day might succeed him should Adair bare no sons. Though Fenrir was lost in the darkness without a light to guide the way. Though Adair could sense there was something a miss in Fenrir an internal struggle something that he was fighting with. Because as much as Fenrir studied Adair, Adair studied him. Though Fenrir wouldn’t know that Adair often followed him from the shadows and watched as he took many trips around the world. Fenrir was certainly strong. Fenrir didn’t even understand that the silver blade promised wasn’t actually meant for him, it was meant for Adair. Adair knew that he couldn’t stand against Fenrir in a fight but he could do one thing Fenrir couldn’t… Die to prove his point. Adair was prepared and studied the words he would say should he fall. Sometimes the greatest compassion one can receive is to be extinguished.

The city was falling into chaos as the drugs left the street. His eyes still blood shot from the pain his fist still broken Adair was scared. Not many people knew Adair. Its true he is a public figure but one that is shrouded in odd mystery. Adair kept to himself mostly never leaving his office for more than a few errands or to help a friend in need. There was always too much work to be done and if any bastard knew what it took to run the city they wouldn’t threaten what they do. Adair was not about to surrender after struggling to survive. He squeezed his broken hand into a fist once more and muttered a prayer for guidance and strength. Nothing. Not a single word would be heard from the heavens and then Adair finally had enough.

In a matter of gruesome seconds Adair had snapped the bones in his hand back into proper place. Next he covered his hand with a tight cloth, it wouldn’t leave this position till he was sure it was mended. Then for the first time since the attack he stood from his chair and headed down the hallway and locked every door in the manor; including the two large doors to the jail. Nobody was getting in or out not even him. He focused his thoughts next on what his father had told him about being a man about being a warrior. Adair didn’t have much respect for his father previously but all of the sudden he understood what his father had said. It’s time now he thought that I become my fathers son. With that Adair found a corner in his house and entered a deep meditation. Soon I will prove my name to the people.

And so the Manor locked down and the guards retreated to the walls around the manor and the city slowly started getting louder.

Adair would pray that they could hold out until he was rested.

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