The Fae

The Fae
The colorful horde


It is impossible to say how many types of Fae live in our world. From little winged people to the monstrous abominable snowmans, the different possibility of races are virtually endless. Their life spans also differ from simple days to centuries, and only a very little percentage are gifted with immortality.
The countless races can only be brought together into the so called group of the Faes because of their affinity with magic. Every single individual and race has its own affinity to magic, however all fae possesses the so called Glamour.

Glamour lets any Fae, having less or more magic in them, appear human and hide their true from the eyes of mortals. Although it always comes with a price. Remaining human for more than some days will consume much energy and eventually the fae is forced to return to their true form. The days vary according to the faes magic ability. It is extremely difficult to distinguish them from humans to fae, even from faes themselves. Only one thing might betray their glamour look, and only a non-human nose might be able to distinguish it. The scent of a fae is something that glamour doesn’t hide entirely, smelling of the elements of the earth.

A general weakness among every fae is towards cold iron. Cold iron is iron which has been forged using special low temperature techniques, which supposedly makes the iron more ‘natural’ than normal iron or steel. Should a fae be pierced with or entrapped in a jail of cold iron, they get weakened and drained enough, that even the most versatile and powerful in magic would turn into a mere shadow of themselves.

All fae, some more than others, are susceptible to shiny objects, so whether you want to gift them or just want to try turn their attention elsewhere, this is one of the best methods to do so.

It is said that a group of the most powerful and immortal faes rule over the lesser ones, though their grasp within their brethrens hardly influences their life’s. If ever. It is too difficult for them to ever gaze towards the same point for more than ten seconds.

((I will continuing to post races of fae down here. If anyone ever wants to participate feel free to do so aswell, if of course what they post have a minimum description of the race in question. I just thought that this post would be fun to make.))

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