The Eventide Twins…


"Move! you pasty face berry muncher!" came a yell from Arryn as she elbowed her way through a crowded Inn dragging Ellora by hand behind her.

The elf’s eyes only seem to glare at her, I am sure it is because they did not fully hear her words over the commotion, or the fact he was unsure if what he heard came from her.

Both Arryn and Ellora stood 5’4", early twenty’s in age with a small yet average frame. Identical twins born ten minutes apart. They both hold the same light skin complexion, large hazel eyes, with a few freckles across the nose. There long dark brown hair reaches the middle of there backs, though each one usually keeps it braided in some way. Arryn preferring the mini braids and out of her way, while Ellora keeps the Indian braids, being not quiet as robust and wild as her "older" sister.

"Oi… Girl…" a reply came from a stocky looking man standing behind her. He was tall, his stubby yet pointy ears and oval eyes, giving his build, he had to be a half elf. No questions asked.

Arryn Ignored him, slamming a hand on the tavern keepers desk for a room key while Ellora simply sighed softly, trying to ignore what was most likely to come.

"OI GIRL!" the stocky man hollered again reaching a hand to grip Arryn by the shoulder and spinning her around.

Arryn looked up after tucking the room key into her pocket, "What do you want mule boy?" came Arryn’s reply as she looked up to the man. Almost instantly Ellora reached over to try and quiet her sister. The man raised a glaring brow, with gritted teeth. "Mule boy..?" he seemed to speak it more as if asking himself. The once lively tavern suddenly became deathly quiet.

"Aye.. Mule boy.. Tell me, Whats the difference between a mule and a half elf?" replied Arryn. The stocky man only glared further, and before he could even speak or react. "The ear’s. BUT, only ever so slightly." Arryn shot out the reply.

((Those who don’t get the joke, a Mule is a creature crossed between a Horse (human) and a Donkey (elf) creating the Mule (Half-elf))

No longer did her sentence finish, the man threw a hand forward to grab at her. Expecting such a reaction she quickly dropped herself to the ground and took cover under the nearest table. A chair flew by, followed by a few choice words of the half elf. Once again the man dived a hand at Arryn, as she got up to run for the door she realized to herself, she probably over did it.. just a little…

With the door in sight, Arryn picked up speed. No sooner did her arm outreach to open the door for her escape, did it fly open as a rather barbaric looking man stepped in. Unable to stop herself, Arryn plowed right into him, only to bounce off and onto the floor.

She winced a bit rubbing her face as she looked up the the hugangus form of a man who did not even seem to notice her in the least. He simply gave a light look, as he moved in and walked by, making his way to the bar. About that time Arryn remembered why she was headed to the door in the first place and quickly got to her feet to run, but it was to late. The hand from the stocky half elf slammed down hard on her shoulder as the other one grabbed her leg, lifting her up.

"Gotcha you damn little monkey." The man glared at her as he tightened his grip, "Let go of me you Mutt!" she shouted as she flailed about, her hand stretched for a dagger she kept on her belt. He changed his grip to holding her shirt collar, almost like scruffing a cat as the other hand pulled back, clearly ready to lay it into her. The crowed around the tavern seemed unsure of how to react, some with concern and others seeming thoroughly entertained by it all.

About this time Arryn gripped her dagger in her fist, bringing it around sharply and driving it through the mans forearm. "GRAHH YOU LITTLE BITCH!" His arms threw back and released her flying through the air and through the front door, she tumbled a few times on the cobble stone outside. Curled into a ball and wincing from the pain she felt a tug on her sleeve as Ellora tried to pull her up. "Lets go! Lets go!" No time to recover she got to her feet, unsteady at first, the both of them took off through the streets and ally ways. Even being a few blocks away they both could clearly hear the mans booming voice as he yelled out to find them echoing off the stone walls.

Making there way out of town, Ellora helped Arryn against a tree, taking a moment to catch there breath before she sat up to see to her injury’s, a stern glare from Ellora was only met with a cheesy innocent grin from Arryn. Seem’s they will be sleeping outside once again this night..


This sort of scenario was nothing new anymore..

When they were younger, just shy of ten, there parents hired a small group of elf’s, three to be exact, to protect them as they traveled through the mountains. The family was not royal or anything, but there wealth and nobility was not unheard of.

Two days into the trip the wagon was ambushed by a group, and the elven guards seemed to be in with the bandits. Though the children were spared, the parents were not.

Since then, Arryn’s distaste and hate has only grown. Ellora has spent many years trying to convince Arryn to let things go, but figuring a way to direct her anger elsewhere has proven useless.

It does not help that a lot of elf’s are knowingly snobby or arrogant and overall better than you, seeming to flaunt it without care. Its hard telling anymore if the anger is directed solely from childhood, or simply built up further over the years. Perhaps a bit of both…

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