The dream.

(please note the subject of each post, as they will have some meaning ;) )

Engale awoke with a start as the dream mixed inside his mind, third night in a row now that this dream played with his mind. He sat up and leaned over the bowl of water placed next to his bed, lifting some of the liquid to his face as he tried to let the dream fade as most dreams will. Eventually he let go of letting go of it and stood up dressing himself lightly for the warm weather they where having. As he left the house he grabbed his staff, hooking the door with it and closing his house, a small spell to stop others from entering as he left.

He walked down the road and towards Moonglow proper, Stopping to chat with this or that person that happened to be awake at this early of an hour, however Engale was never known to be the early one out, just out of training, never had high marks, most thought him a good boy, but just that. He rounded the final corner of moonglow and took a knee in front an empty throne, bowed his head and waited.

Engale stayed there, bended knee, for what seemed like days to him, however they where but only minutes, this was the day Engale would meet his master of magic and become a grand student. Engale was only here this early as to not have the dream any longer, he was tired of the dream and when the Grand Mage Levioan it was almost as if he could guess that Engale wasn’t truly here to learn of his master.

"What brings you this early to learn Engale?" Levioan stated as he took his chair in front of the student. "Stand and tell me what troubles you young Magus.

Engale did as he ordered and stood up and spoke softly, almost timid in front of a man he admired. "I am haunted by a dream and sleep is where dreams lie, so waking spears me the haunting." Engale explained with no expression.

"Describe this dream that can haunt one to become a master of magic." Levioan did not ask for this to be done, but it was not an order either, it was an offer for Engale to share his burden with another.

Engale’s eyes widened at this offer and he jumped at the chance. "For three days now I’ve suffered the dream, since graduation." Engale paused for a moment, had it only been three days? He regained his focus and continued. "I see a gate, much like the ones we use to travel between shards, but it’s different, it is…" Engale paused again this time trying to find the right word but lacking any better "Tattered. There are elves there… and they are begging for me to save them, and as they do they are being attacked, huge creatures of rock and gem plague them and are trying to destroy them." Engale finally finished his description and took a deep breath, he had done as well as he could at describing his dream to someone he thought could help, or explain, something he looked at the Grand Mage and watched as the old man pondered what he was told.

Levioan nodded as Engale finished his statement. Levioan knew that a dream like this was an SOS but how should it be received? Should they rush to the aid of an unknown shard? Should they go to war with beings of gems? There where too many questions to be answered here and too many unknowns, first off all shards they where aware of had no elves to them, they had all chosen to leave a long time ago. If this was truly the elves calling for aid, he shook his head, and spoke what he knew Engale would not want to hear. "The Elven kind have chosen to leave us. On all shards we have found so far, Not one of them had remained. They waned to be rid of the shard’s magic for good, their fate is now in their hands Engale. We can do nothing to help them, we do not even know how to reach them to help and it would be a waist of time to try."

Engale looked crushed and as Levioan finished his words of council to Engale the other finished students started to flock in to find out who would be their master and pass on their secrets of the magics to the next generation. Engale waited and stood still as they where being inspected by all the masters, some of shape shifting, others found grace with enchantments, but right now only one would please, no not please that was the wrong word, satisfy Engale as a master and he stood there, waiting and waiting for the right master to choose him, to teach him the secrets of their part of the craft so that it could be furthered, but he would leave if any other master than Katrina chose him.

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