The Disgruntled Miner

A lone dwarven miner collapsed breathless at the feet of a wandering healer. On the dwarf’s shoulder, the gash from the claw of a black dragon threatened to become a mortal wound. "Help"… the dwarf cried out weakly before passing out from blood-loss at the healer’s feet.

The rich cave had been the dwarf’s livelihood, it’s depths full of rare ores, and precious gems. Yet something had been wrong for some time….a strange stone archway had been built at one end of the cave. The dwarf had witnessed over many days the comings and goings of odd folk and overheard murmurs in the darkness about someone called Darkseid, magic, and a ladylove. There were also Ophidians who camped in the caverns southern chambers; their slithering, skanky, scaly bodies hoarding the valuable ore and driving off honest miners.. The dwarf had known trouble was coming but now the cave was infested with vile demons and dragons.

The healer knelt down and bound the dwarf’s wounds. Sometime later the dwarf awoke and made the long journey to Narrowhaven. The dwarf, was determined to put an end to this nonsense and to drive out the black dragon, and other despicable creatures. The dwarf red-faced and furious began ranting at anyone who would listen…."Help!!! mercenaries, priests! Sorcerors, I’ve got coin to be earned! Where be this Blackfoot Clan I heard of?"

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