The Death of a Legend and the Birth of a Tamer

The Lost Lands were a place of chaos, its inhabitants had to fight a claw for what they had and In these lands are where the Marauders known as the Waves of Fire. The Leader of this group was known as Sire drake, whom alongside his Dragon Alinchard, became a force to be reckoned with in the Lost Lands. Stealing countless valuables from Creatures, orcs, and travelers. The Waves of Fire were comprised of many different races from various backgrounds and the only rule of the group was that noone left the Waves and that no one went against the Waves.
One night along the Papuan Borders a dark wizard approached the Waves encampment, passing by the soldiers without even drawing their attention almost as if he was not there. The Wizard slipped into Drakes tent and before he could speak he was greeted by Sire Drake waiting inside his tent along with four of his most trusted archers. Drake asked the wizard what his business was in their camp and the wizard explained how there was a ceremony he was attempting to perform in the Lands and he was willing to pay the Waves a kings treasure to protect the area during its occurrence. Sire Drake accepted and within the next day the camp was packed up and the Waves were on their way to the wizards ruins. During the trek, Alinchard warned Drake that there was something off about the wizard in that he was able to start such a ritual in the lands without their knowledge in the first place, but Drake simply dismissed the dragons worries as paranoia.
When the group arrived at the ruins, they found it to be overrun with the undead, the wizard seemed panicked and told Drake they must hurry to the center of the ruins and from there he could teleport them to the ritual site and that if they didn’t act soon the treasure and the ritual would all be lost. drake gave his orders to his men and told Alinchard to stay behind outside the city with a small group as a base camp and to keep his son, Searum, Protected. Alinchard watched as the men fought their way through the undead and then disappeared among the ruins. Two days and nights went with no word from the group or the wizard and on the third night all that could be heard were screams. Searum awoke to the screams of the camps guard as undead and deamons tore them to shreds in their beds. He ran for the woods screaming for Alinchard, but there was no dragon to be seen. Searum ran for hours without stopping until he reached the top of a high mountain in the forest, from there he looked back down onto the ruins to see a giant undead dragon eating what was left of Alinchards corpse and Searum could barely make out the visage of a black hooded figure. Searum tried to hide the cold tears that fell from his cheeks as he wandered into the woods.

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