The Dark Awakening- Part 1

I asked a admin if perhaps he could create some kind of necromancy rp for my character. He said he was new and that I should write up a story. I dreaded having to write up a story because I would feel judged on how bad or good my story was. What could I add that might be too much or too little? I would have much rather had a staff member take the reigns. I haven’t seen many staff lead quests or events but perhaps he wanted some inspiration. So, without further ado, here is my first attempt at writing a role playing story. Be Gentle.

It was the usual route Marcus took from the bank to the necromancer vendor. Nothing seemed especially special about this until he saw someone running at him from the corner of his eye. The man bumped into him hard and apologized profusely. Apprently he was being chased by two guards. One showed up only a moment too late to see the direction the man fled in. Marcus dutifully pointed which way. A slower more overweight guard showed up asking the same thing and with huffing, puffing, and sweating, he too strove off in the direction Marcus indicated that the man went.

As Marcus neared the necromancer that usually sold him his reagents, he realized that the man who bumped into him had stolen a good amount of the gold Marcus was carrying. He laughed alittle about the cleverness the criminal had even while being persued.

Then another character spoke up. The hooded man began. "What is so funny?" Marcus replied "I just lost the money I usually spend on reagents. I truly shouldn’t be laughing. I am at a difficult situation here." Showing curtesy, the hooded man removed his hood to reveal a balding man. He said "You already seem to have many pieces of equipment that would remove the need of reagents. I can help finish your set." The balding man handed Marcus a bracelet, earrings, and a ring to wear.

Marcus examined the pieces gladly realizing that so long as he wore these, he would never need reagents again…(and they cost a considerable amount over time as every mage knows)

Marcus exuberantly said "Thank you for your generosity." The bald man replied "You are a valued customer and the vendor is my friend. I am only helping a fellow practitioner in need." Marcus said "Oh? You are a necromancer as well? I have been looking for someone truly advanced to help with researching the creation of stronger undead. Every creature I create falls apart within the hour." The bald man covered his head with cloth once again and said "You are getting ahead of yourself and you owe me. To repair your debt you will be my assistant with an experiment. You don’t know your potential and I could use you." Marcus knew there must have been a catch and this was it. Marcus obliged him with a nood.

The bald man continued ominously "Come, first we need to find a body."

Ok, hopefully that was enough that maybe I could get an event started? Perhaps it would include any other players that might be relevent? I’m good with any time. Just send me a message on the forum telling where/when we could start something? Thanks for reading.

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