The Current Arc and you…

This story will cover the most important parts of the current arc and story line so that those who know what’s going on… can remember and those who are hearing it for the first time can participate.

Be fore warned… there is going to be somethings that don’t make sense…

Many years before the world gem was formed and even before the settlement of Britannia was created there existed a small village on the outskirts of yew. This small human settlement was one of the first, shunned by the great elves, this village suffered a great deal of pain and strife while diligently trying to survive the harsher elements and brutal monsters of what is now know as Britannia. Many of the peoples of today’s world would have called them savages living in their huts fighting over the smallest pieces of meat. It was the birth of civilized man; however, this quaint village held the hopes of the entire world on its shoulders and in the smallest hands it was held.

Before you would stand a young girl, covered in dirt and as bright as one might expect a child about her age to be. She was different from the rest of her tribe however, her vision was very poor and she was a bit clumsy but beauty was never something she was without. She was more or less a spoiled child her father was a big man and won many battles for food and would never shy from giving his daughter more than she needed. The other kids were jealous of her and often picked on her because of it. Bullied for years before she came into her own. As a young woman entering her 13th year she spent a many days practicing her art in tribal circle, such intricate designs were never seen and to be drawn by a girl with such bad vision was unheard of. She would only draw what she saw the cords of the universe that were strung together in such a fine peace of art that they created a beautiful tapestry. As many other girls her age, she was months away from being chosen as a mate for one of the older warriors who would return from their hunting trips ready to nearly rape and pillage their own village. Her heart yearned for only one man, the son of the chief, A very handsome man with jet black hair and strong features that made most of the woman in the tribe more than excited. As the next few months had passed like had turned to love for the young girl and love… was her worst enemy.

It was months later when it all began, when time would stop for this young soul and her harrowing trip would begin and it all started with the color red. There was much shouting and discord when the warriors returned from their own coming of age ceremony. Each of them covered in blood very little of it their own. The chief’s son had be mortally wounded in combat, to this day nobody knows why he jumped in the way of that ogres axe and perhaps we never will. Crushed to see the man she loved slipping away from life she rushed to his side pushing aside the others. A wild tantrum of emotions swept over her as she held tightly onto the hand of the boy she loved and as his life slipped away something changed in her. She couldn’t lose him, not now, not after all her effort. The strange thing about her vision was how she could see life in death in shades of blues and greens and black and greys yet it wasn’t till this moment magic was born into humanity. It started with just a drop of her blood mixed with his, she wanted to save him and she didn’t understand that the magic she was practicing was so dark and menacing. Before she knew it something had changed within the young boys body, he started to move again, except this time he was a body without a soul. She tried to stop him, she pleaded with this now empty rampant shell of her former love and thew herself onto him, she was cut down in an instant. She was not the last of his victims either… nearly the whole tribe was wiped out before this zombie of a man was finally put to rest.

Something strange had started to happen, just as it had happened with the boy, yet something different. This young girl awoke several hours after she had been killed to find her wound though open had stopped bleeding and her heart, was silent. Looking over the bloodshed created by her act of love she felt much shame. Fallen warriors, entire families, her family, lost. Not much was left for this now sad creature so she acted as most would in her situation, she tried to kill herself. She would cut and stab and fall and every manner she was creative enough to think of to kill herself yet nothing would do her in. She had changed, she was now a soul trapped in rotting flesh.

It was nearly 20 years before this girl would finally understand enough of the magic she had used to create her situation before she would find a new body. She had rotted away nearly to her bones by the time she had figured out how to store her soul in a precious gem she had managed to create. Even though two wrongs don’t make a right, she had enough of being trapped in this form. So she traded bodies, live bodies, with a young girl most likely a surviving cousin of her bloodline and through this transaction, Neira the Necromancer was reborn into society. Over the next several hundred years Neira would find herself becoming more and more selfish with her magics. She had become quite proficient and by her second hundred year she would consider herself a master of Necromancy. She always had a flair for the dramatic, and loved to see lovers suffer and friendships crumble. It was never more fun than between the friendship of Lord British, The great wizard Mondain, and Lord Blackthorn.

At this point beauty and near like divine powers were at her disposal, she would flirt with the three friends each making them jealous of one another. Though there was something rather mysterious about Blackthorn that intrigued her so.. it was almost as if he could see her for what she really was and didn’t even begin to mind. Quite liberal Blackthorn was in nature, often he spoke of other intelligent creatures and humans being no better than the creatures we ate and quickly he emotionally bonded with Neira. Over the course of the next few years Mondain had grown Jealous of Niera’s affections of Lord Blackthorn and had set out to create a gem that would surely win her heart. Through dark deals and magics of his own Mondain had managed to create a gem so powerful it guaranteed him immortality. It was not long he grew mad with power and began thirsting for more power. Our Lord British had to stop him, using holy magic Lord British summoned the hero from another world and together with Lord Blackthorn would rise up against Mondain and eventually cornering him in his tower. Mondain was finished and he knew it so instead of anyone taking his power from him he threw the gem to the ground shattering it and along with it our world. Now each shard of the gem contained a copy of our world, though each one proved to be twisted and different. Lord British would spend years visiting these other worlds and categorizing them. Many would fade as the dark powers contained in the gem would spoil the worlds and in the end… destroy them.

Blackthorn was destroyed mentally by this and eventually fell into a deep depression, with British gone to visit these other worlds Blackthorn felt alone and began growing more evil and tyrannical in British’s absence. It was not long until Lord Blackthorn was considered evil and had started slaughtering men and raping women for the fun of it. Our own shard had begun to fade and slip into darkness when finally Lord British had returned! Along with Lord British came a small group of wise adventures from other worlds called the light bringers and they battled Blackthorn throughout the kingdom finally coming to the battle of serpents hold.

Nobody knows what happened at the battle of serpents hold, many died others simply disappeared and along with them both Lord British and Lord Blackthorn. It is said that a single red haired woman was witnessed walking away from the disaster covered in blood and with a rather wicked grin on her face. Nobody had seen or heard of that woman after that night until now…

To be continued.

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