The Company’s Return

The ringing sound of hammer striking steel echoed through the smithy. Production was back in full swing. There was much to do, time to make up for. He gazed across to the docks and the shipwright, adjusting the belt of his kilt. News of the battle at TheForge had spread quickly. If there had been any doubts about the truth of the Blackfoot Company’s return, the events of the previous night would assuage them. Looking to his right, Bankenfuere could still see the evidence of the brawl; branches and blood littered the roadway.

It was good to be back in Narrowhaven. Even though much had undoubtedly changed, the city still felt the same. There were new faces around town. New citizens, new merchants, even a few new adventurers had apparently decided to make Narrowhaven their home. The young fencer Lanelynn came immediately to mind. Somewhat ill-equipped perhaps, and with much to learn, but possessing a grim determination and a heart of fire. He was one to watch.

There were still plenty of familiar faces around, too. Mauzen still strolled up and down the streets, as if lost in his own contemplation. Engale had made an appearance at the shop as well, always showing up when least expected and disappearing just as quickly. And of course there was Gaia, the mischievous nature spirit. Bankenfuere’s lip curled up in a snarl, shaking his head and setting the antlers of the deer pelt he wore swaying and rattling. The so-called goddess had wasted no time in stirring up trouble. What her infatuation with causing him problems was, he would never know. She would have to be dealt with somehow, sooner or later.

Bankenfuere pushed her from his thoughts, looking once again out towards the sea. He and the Kades had been gone longer than they had planned to be. Still, the journey was necessary. He had needed to go, to return home once more, and finally put his ghosts to rest. Their had been many challenges to face, many battles to fight, and he and the Company had emerged victorious. Now they had returned, to take up where they left off.

With that thought still in mind, he glanced around the town, noticing the looks he drew from the townspeople, especially the womenfolk. News of their return had traveled fast, indeed. It wouldn’t be long now until various people came to the Company seeking their services. Kings and beggars, saints and murderers, adventurers, craftsmen, drunkards, and nobles. It didn’t matter who they were or where they came from. They all had need of things that only the Blackfoot Company could provide.

Bankenfuere turned around, taking a whetstone from one of the smiths and retrieving his axe, Goreshovel. He stood and admired the weapon for a moment before drawing its blade across the stone. They would be busy soon. There was much to do. It was time to prepare.

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